Standards for holiday houses

1. Basic conditions and services for guest reception

  1. Holiday home owner may be a natural or a legal person
  2. Holiday home owner has to be in possession of the Decision on Accommodation Classification approved by authorized body, Department for economy
  3. Holiday home has to meet the DOMUS BONUS IQ standard
  4. If there is a registered apartment in the facility, it has to meet the Domus Bonus IQ standards
  5. Service of receiving guests has to be provided 24 hours a day
  6. Contact person is available 24 hours a day during guests’ stay
  7. The person receiving the guests has to have active knowledge of at least one foreign language 

2. Minimum net surface area of a holiday home

Rooms Kitchen, dining room 
and living room
Bathroom and
Total minimum
surface area
1/2 room 12 16 4 41
1/2 + 1-2 spare
12 20 4 45
2/2 room 12 24 6 62
2/2 + 1-2 spare
12 28 5 - (2,5)* 69
2/2 + 1/1
+ 1-2 spare
12-(10) 34 4 - (4)** 80
In case the house has an extra room, the surface area increases by at least 10m2
* Additional toilet
** Additional bathroom


3. General conditions

3.1. House as a whole

  1. Entrance with external lighting
  2. Lobby
  3. Bedroom(s)
  4. Living, dining and cooking area
  5. Bathroom(s)
  6. Windows exposed to daylight
  7. Rooms at least 2,40m high
  8. Luggage stand
  9. Waterproof ashtray only in the apartment where smoking is allowed or a ‘no smoking’ sign
  10. Fireproof waste basket
  11. Mirror
  12. Heating (Note: does not apply to holiday houses used only in the summer)
  13. Air-conditioning with individual regulation in the house
  14. Main lighting on the ceiling, wall or as a free standing lamp
  15. Several free power sockets and minimum one adapter
  16. Possibility of listening to the radio (via a radio or a TV set)
  17. Color TV with a satellite and /or cable receiver and remote control, in the living room or bedroom
  18. Possibility of using a phone
  19. Possibility of using a WLAN network and connecting to Internet in the facility or in its vicinity
  20. Iron and ironing board
  21. Room with shelves or a spare space (closet or the like for keeping linen etc. with spare bed linen and towels)
  22. Apartment price list and house rules in four languages
  23. File with tourist information (guides etc.) and the list of phone numbers of emergency services
  24. Safe or a service of providing a safe
  25. Access staircase and corridors (floors, wall, ceiling, equipment) have to be clean, without signs of wear and tear or the like
  26. Clean floors without signs of wear and tear or the like
  27. Clean walls without signs of wear and tear or the like
  28. Clean ceilings without signs of wear and tear or the like
  29. Clean furniture without signs of wear and tear or the like
  30. Woodwork and metalwork without signs of wear and tear or the like
  31. Other equipment has to be clean and without signs of wear and tear or the like
  32. Devices in proper working order
  33. Evacuation plan


3.2. Room

  1. Bed: for 1 person min. size: 90 x 200 cm, bed for 2 persons min. size: 160 x 200 cm
  2. Bed linen: one sheet, pillow case, encased cover
  3. Additional cover per person
  4. Cover for each bed
  5. Pillow per person
  6. Additional pillow upon request
  7. Bed linen change every seven days and for every new guest
  8. Bedside cabinet, per person
  9. Wardrobe with shelves/drawers and the part for hanging clothes with 5 identical hangers, per person
  10. Night lamp by each bed, per person
  11. Children cot upon request
  12. Clean, firm mattress without dents, signs of wear and tear and the like
  13. Clean bed linen without signs of wear and tear and the like
  14. Curtains

3.3. Kitchen and living room

  1. Seating set (coffee table with semi-armchair or armchair, that is, sofa or a three-seater) depending on the capacity of the holiday house
  2. Dining table with the number of chairs depending on the capacity of the holiday house
  3. Sink with hot and cold water
  4. Kitchen stove with at least two heating plates or burners
  5. Larder or kitchen cabinet for keeping groceries
  6. Cupboard for dishes and cutlery
  7. Set of dishes and cutlery for preparing and consuming food and drinks in accordance with the capacity of the holiday house
  8. Sufficient quantity of clean kitchen cloth and equipment and detergents for washing dishes
  9. Child dining chair upon request
  10. Refrigerator of a minimum capacity of 150 liters
  11. Kitchen hood above the stove, in case there is no natural ventilation or for the facilities which are used in the winter
  12. Oven or grill or microwave oven
  13. Machine for filter coffee and espresso (mocca)
  14. Corkscrew and bottle opener


3.4. Bathroom

  1. Toilet with flusher
  2. Toilet brush
  3. Toilet paper with holder and an extra package of paper
  4. Washbasin with hot and warm water
  5. Wrapped soap or liquid soap by the sink
  6. Trash can
  7. Bags for sanitary pads
  8. Bath tub with a minimum length of 160cm or a shower tub with minimum dimensions 80 x 80 cm with hot and cold water, and a cabin. Movable shower head.
  9. Wrapped soap or liquid soap by the tub
  10. Bathroom walls covered in ceramic or stone tiles or other water-resistant material to a minimum height of 210 cm
  11. Bathroom floor covered in ceramic or stone tiles or other water-resistant material
  12. Hook or rail for towels by the tub and the sink, per person
  13. Three towels. Two smaller and one big, per person
  14. Bath mat in front of the bath tub or shower cabin
  15. Shelf or the like for keeping toilet things
  16. Mirror
  17. Lighting providing good visibility in the whole bathroom
  18. Natural or mechanic ventilation
  19. Change of towels every three days and for each new guest
  20. Power socket for electric shaver adjusted to the international standard
  21. Hook for clothes, per person
  22. Glass, per person
  23. Hairdryer
  24. Heating (Note: does not apply to holiday houses used only in the summer)
  25. Sanitary equipment and armatures clean and without signs of wear and tear and the like


3.5. External appearance

  1. Driveway in good condition: without ponds, holes etc.
  2. Facade in good condition: without cracks, chipped off or peeled off parts and the like
  3. Signs on the facility in good condition: no smudges, visible damage and the like
  4. External lighting in proper working order
  5. Yard or terrace or balcony
  6. Garden seating set according to the capacity of the holiday house
  7. Organized grill area
  8. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the exterior: without waste, dry leaves and the like
  9. Lighting in proper working order
  10. Regular collection of communal waste
  11. Ensured continuous maintenance
  12. Landscaped garden
  13. Possibility of drying clothes


3.6. Parking lot

  1. Parking place for a motor vehicle
  • up to 5 persons: 1 parking place
  • for 6 or more persons: 2 parking places


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