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Easter in Istria
Easter in Istria More
Discover Istria through asparagus...
Discover Istria through asparagus... More
Cycling spring in Istria
Cycling spring in Istria More
Holiday destination? suggests Istria!
Holiday destination? suggests Istria! More
Don't miss the new Istra Inspirit experiences!
Don't miss the new Istra Inspirit experiences! More

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  • Easter in Istria

    The symbols of Easter in Istria are chicken and numerous pastries, as well as Easter eggs which, besides being the symbol of life, have always been a traditional gift. The traditional ways of coloring Easter eggs with nettle, onion shells, red beet, spinach or leeks are very interesting.

  • Discover Istria through asparagus...

    In spring, when the days are warmer and sunnier, it is a real challenge and attraction to spend an active day in nature by picking asparagus. And then in the evening, pleasantly tired of recreation, happy for well spent day, let yourselves enjoy some of the specialties.

  • Carnival time in Istria

    One of the most interesting and cheerful events throughout the year which children and adults look forward to is certainly a carnival. The cheerful parade of colorful masks, costumes and allegorical floats which goes through Istrian streets and squares of bigger and smaller towns and entertains everyone with music, song and dance.

  • Cycling spring in Istria

    You can expect to find more difficult or less difficult biking trails in Istria. For the heart and soul, we recommend the trail along the Istrian coast – along the Cape Kamenjak, from Rovinj to San Polo cove, around Vrsar and Poreč, Umag and Rabac as well as those to the medieval towns of central Istria.

  • Spend Your Valentine's day in Istria

    Valentine's Day is a celebration of love.  We are especially romantic in this period and would, for sure, like to spend quality time with the person we love. On Valentine's Day we express love more than any other day to that special person in our lives.

  • Don't miss the new Istra Inspirit experiences!

    Experience the nine adventures through nine time periods at the authentic historical locations. Try a myriad of flavours which can be tasted on Istrian Peninsula...

  • Spend the holidays in Istria!

    The Christmas holidays can give you the opportunity to bring a last month of the year in a special joy and good company.
    In many places the traditional holiday events will enrich the holiday atmosphere - Christmas fairs where you will find gifts for loved ones and everyone can find something for themselves like an appropriate decorations for your warm home. In tents on the streets you will have the opportunity to have fun with good music, mulled wine and taste some gastronomic specialty.

  • Explore Istria on two wheels...

    Cycling trails have covered Istria just like a spider web. Everyone can find something for themselves. You can expect to find more difficult or less difficult biking trails and for the heart and soul, we recommend the trail along the Istrian coast as well as those to the medieval towns of central Istria.

  • Enjoy the Istrian wellness offer

    There are several wellness centers in Istria which are opened during the autumn and winter. They offer you excellent anti-stress therapy treatments, baths and saunas, solarium and other various treatments.

  • Istrian divine olive oil

    The tradition of olive growing dates back ancient Rome which recognized Istria as the ideal land for cultivating this most famous Mediterranean elixir. Archaeological sites along the coast clearly show that Istria had quite large olive oil production capacities which are by size ,unique in our wider surroundings...

  • Top gastronomical events in autumn

    Summer soon comes to an end but the best part of the year in Istria is yet to come in September and October. Would you like to have the unforgettable experience of the nature's autumn colors and spice it up with the top gastronomical delights?

  • Istria gourmet: The tastes and scents of Istria

    The rich Istrian land can praise its climate thanks to which our region is rich with outstanding world - class products. Who has not yet heard of truffles and wine from Istria, whose scents and tastes are so distinctive and memorable.

  • Istrian bike adventure...

    With autumn around the corner, sports and recreational activities are starting to gain popularity, bringing new opportunities for exciting and unusual events in the istrian landscapes.

  • The summer in Istria still lasts!

    The pleasant weather and high air temperatures in July and August will also be continued in September – it will just give you one more reason to visit Istria!
    On Istrian beaches you can feel safe because on such a small area there are many beaches with a prestigious Blue Flag symbol which offer quality services, have a clean seacoast, and are tidy and adequately equipped.

  • Dive into the crystal clear Adriatic Sea under the ancient sun

    Whether you choose hidden coves with white pebbles, small or larger bays, or rocky sundrenched fragrant reefs, the pure and intact Istrian beaches are true wonders of nature. Though it has always been easier to capture them in paintings than describe them in words, you just have to think about them and the sight will emerge before your eyes.

  • Republic of Croatia: the new member of the European Union as of July 1, 2013

    As residents of the largest Croatian Peninsula, which has always lived a multicultural story with neighbouring countries, we are proud that on the 01 July 2013 we shall become a member of the European Union. The borders to Istria will open which is an extremely significant event for every visitor of Istria but also for each of us.

  • Active holiday in Istria!

    Summer is a season abundant with offer of outdoor sports. Nature and adventure fans will certainly passionately start to discover the unique beauty of this pearl of the Mediterranean - Istria.

  • It is summer time in Istria!

    The month of June is the time when the bravest starts the season of swimming in the sea while others prefer warmer sea temperatures and keep waiting for the end of the month to enjoy it until the end of September. The sea swimming season continues for those who will enjoy the pleasures of the sea all year round!

  • Don't miss top events of the summer in Istria!

    You have decided to spend your holiday in Istria, but you are not yet familiar with all the events which our region has to offer? We have prepared a list of top events which will make your holiday even more interesting.

  • Find out how the first season of Istra Inspirit went

    The nine diverse cultural, historical and gastronomical experiences revived the authentic locations in Istria and it has presented them in a completely different way. The Istrian castles, Roman villas, old town cores, museums, and even a coal mine in Raša, were turned into a stage and along with superb directing, scenery, costumes and music have managed to evoke the moments of mystical Istrian history.

  • Visit magical places of central Istria

    Would you like to find out more about the small and charming medieval places in our region? If you've never visited Istria and would like to take a walk on the streets of its towns, or you already have visited it and would like to remember how it was to walk on the little streets, see the towers and churches, old palaces, emblems, greenery that surrounds them, then we advise You to take a virtual tour on the most famous places.

  • Visit the picturesque coastal towns of Istria

    Small places and towns along the coast of Istria reflect the real beauty of the Mediterranean.

    Would You like to walk through the paved narrow streets, visit the towers, churches and enjoy the unforgettable sunsets?

  • Stunning history of turbulent times...

    Three thousand years of history waiting to be discovered. Taking a walk along the magical paths of the rich and tempestuous past, you will arrive at a noble interchange of civilizations on a piece of land whose cultural arboretum has been settled from the time of the Histrians, Celts, Romans and Lombards, over Byzantine, the Slavs and Venetians, to Franks and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

  • Explore small places of great history

    The dreamlike nature, almost mythical landscapes and gorgeous mediaeval towns of central Istria will awake within you the primeval and deep, true pleasure. Here, life has always been connected with land and nature. Ancient Romans used to call Istria a royal pantry, and true gourmets claim that central Istria still possesses that opulence!

  • National Geographic selected Istria

    Istria is the editors choice of National Geographic Traveler magazine selected among the top 10 destinations for summer 2011.
    The article highlights that along the 546 kilometers of its coast more than 40 Blue Flags are flown, ensuring that the sea quality and beaches are run under the principles of environmental management
    Especially it's worth of visiting the west and south of the Istrian peninsula, where are the hidden crystal blue bays, white sand and pebbles beaches along with fragrant pines.

  • Lonely Planet chose Istria again!

    Lonely Planet writes about Istria again - just as it was listed among the 10 most interesting destinations for 2011., the Istrian cape Kamenjak appeared these days on a list of ten secluded beaches of the Mediterranean that this guide, one of the most respected in the world, recommends on its website.

    • Umag-Umago
    • Novigrad-Cittanova
    • Brtonigla-Verteneglio
    • Buje-Buie
    • Pula-Pola
    • Medulin
    • NP Brijuni-Brioni
    • Barban
    • Fažana-Fasana
    • Ližnjan-Lisignano
    • Marčana
    • Vodnjan-Dignano
    • Labin
    • Rabac
    • Kršan
    • Raša
    • Funtana-Fontane
    • Vrsar-Orsera
    • Pazin
    • Buzet
    • Grožnjan-Grisignana
    • Hum
    • Motovun-Montona
    • Oprtalj-Portole
    • Roč
    • Svetvinčenat
    • Višnjan-Visignano
    • Vižinada-Visinada
    • Žminj
    • Rovinj-Rovigno
    • Bale-Valle
    • Kanfanar
    • Poreč-Parenzo
    • Kaštelir-Labinci - Castelliere-S. Domenica
    • Tar-Torre
    • Vabriga-Abrega
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  • Istra

    Istria is indeed a feast for the eyes. Its streams flow to the sea through deep valleys and gullies which bring to mind the ancient local myths about giants.

  • Umag/Novigrad - where holidays go active

    Umag, Buje and Novigrad create the gateway to the magic land called Istria. You can enjoy some 50 km of beautiful beaches.

  • Poreč - a touch of eternity

    If you are looking for activity, remarkable experiences and rich cultural heritage, Poreč with its 100 years of experience in hospitality...

  • Vrsar / Funtana - more than a holiday

    In your search of the perfect vacation, be sure to visit Vrsar and Funtana. These two small fishing settlements situated between Poreč and Lim canal

  • Rovinj - Fall in love all over again...

    On the beautiful west coast of Istria, just underneath the Lim canal is the most romantic place in the Mediterranean!

  • Labin / Rabac - a touch of art

    Where the green hills meet the sea, where nature and heritage become one, you will find Labin and Rabac - paradise for artists.

  • Central Istria - the unspoiled beauty

    The dreamlike nature, almost mythical landscapes and gorgeous mediaeval towns of central Istria will awake within you the primeval and deep...

  • Pula / Medulin - moments in time

    Welcome to the 3000 years of history! The history of Pula starts with the myth of the Argonauts and the search for the Golden Fleece.


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