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Easter in Istria
Easter in Istria More
Discover Istria through asparagus...
Discover Istria through asparagus... More
Cycling spring in Istria
Cycling spring in Istria More
Holiday destination? suggests Istria!
Holiday destination? suggests Istria! More
Don't miss the new Istra Inspirit experiences!
Don't miss the new Istra Inspirit experiences! More

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Carnival in Istria

It is a time of fun and creative, crazy moments! One of the most attractive and interesting events throughout the year is definitely the carnival in Istria.

Carnival is the period before Lent, characterized by cheerful parades and a wide choice of characters in costumes so that the competition in creativity, wittiness and originality can go on forever. Anyone can become someone else, at least for a moment!
It is nice to forget all the problems and worries of everyday life.
Carnival is one of favorite children events, but also a great opportunity for adults to return to childhood and families to socialize and have fun in good company.

Cheerful procession of characters in costumes and allegorical vehicles is moving through the streets and squares of large and small towns to entertain children and adults with music, song and dance.
Istria has developed its own carnival tradition. One of the biggest carnivals in Istria is held in the north of Istria, in town of Buzet. It involves more than a thousand participants in costumes and many allegorical vehicles.

It is worth mentioning the other cheerful carnival events which are held throughout Istria .The carnival parade has taken over the keys of the town of Labin to organize dances, parades and  football in costumes. Children will surely enjoy the children carnival in Fažana.

The carnival traditionally ends with the trial and burning of the carnival mascot, which is made of straw and old clothes. The burning represents victory over the problems.
You can check the program of the Carnival in our events calendar.

During carnival time in Istria, the fritula is traditionally baked. It is a dessert which resembles a small doughnut.
There is no carnival celebration without a real Istrian wine.

We invite you to visit Istria and experience the crazy carnival time. To make Your return to everyday life less painful, there are several special offers which You can experience at one of the hotels in Istria.

Come and have fun with us!

    • Umag-Umago
    • Novigrad-Cittanova
    • Brtonigla-Verteneglio
    • Buje-Buie
    • Pula-Pola
    • Medulin
    • NP Brijuni-Brioni
    • Barban
    • Fažana-Fasana
    • Ližnjan-Lisignano
    • Marčana
    • Vodnjan-Dignano
    • Labin
    • Rabac
    • Kršan
    • Raša
    • Funtana-Fontane
    • Vrsar-Orsera
    • Pazin
    • Buzet
    • Grožnjan-Grisignana
    • Hum
    • Motovun-Montona
    • Oprtalj-Portole
    • Roč
    • Svetvinčenat
    • Višnjan-Visignano
    • Vižinada-Visinada
    • Žminj
    • Rovinj-Rovigno
    • Bale-Valle
    • Kanfanar
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    • Kaštelir-Labinci - Castelliere-S. Domenica
    • Tar-Torre
    • Vabriga-Abrega
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  • Istra

    Istria is indeed a feast for the eyes. Its streams flow to the sea through deep valleys and gullies which bring to mind the ancient local myths about giants.

  • Umag/Novigrad - where holidays go active

    Umag, Buje and Novigrad create the gateway to the magic land called Istria. You can enjoy some 50 km of beautiful beaches.

  • Poreč - a touch of eternity

    If you are looking for activity, remarkable experiences and rich cultural heritage, Poreč with its 100 years of experience in hospitality...

  • Vrsar / Funtana - more than a holiday

    In your search of the perfect vacation, be sure to visit Vrsar and Funtana. These two small fishing settlements situated between Poreč and Lim canal

  • Rovinj - Fall in love all over again...

    On the beautiful west coast of Istria, just underneath the Lim canal is the most romantic place in the Mediterranean!

  • Labin / Rabac - a touch of art

    Where the green hills meet the sea, where nature and heritage become one, you will find Labin and Rabac - paradise for artists.

  • Central Istria - the unspoiled beauty

    The dreamlike nature, almost mythical landscapes and gorgeous mediaeval towns of central Istria will awake within you the primeval and deep...

  • Pula / Medulin - moments in time

    Welcome to the 3000 years of history! The history of Pula starts with the myth of the Argonauts and the search for the Golden Fleece.


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