Romantic Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special day when everyone would like to spend a quality time with the loved person. Therefore, we invite you to visit Istria and spend the most romantic moments with your special person in beautiful surroundings.

What do we know about the Valentine's Day? Celebrating Valentine's Day dates far back into history to the time of ancient Rome. Emperor Claudius II. forbade marriage and engagement to soldiers in order to prevent their desire to stay at home, instead of going to war. The priesthood had to respect this decision, but the priest Valentine secretly wedded soldiers who wanted to get married .On February 14th, Valentine was executed by Emperor's order. Shortly after his death, people declared him a saint and today we celebrate Valentine's Day – the lover's day.

Some theories about the origin of Valentine's Day are based on pagan rituals while others state that in medieval times it was believed birds began to breed on February 14th. The custom of sending "Valentine" greeting cards has since begun. However, it is more likely that Valentine's Day is celebrated in memory of the priest Valentine.

The symbol of Valentine's Day is also Cupid, the Roman god of love which holds a bow and arrow. It is believed that the ones struck by his magic arrow, immediately fall in love.

We recommend You to spend Valentine's Day in Istria, with the person you love, walking by the sea and on trails watching the sunset and enjoy walking along the hiking trails and in the beauty and tranquillity of the Istrian region.

Special offers in our hotels are waiting for you. You can surprise your loved one with a romantic holiday. Spend Your holiday in one of the numerous leisure houses, apartments near the beach or in the Istrian inland, find here the rich accommodation offer.

Romantic lunch or candlelight dinner will surely complete the picture on which you play the main role ... quiet music in the corner of the restaurant or tavern, chocolate dessert and a glass of Istrian wine.

What more could you wish for?


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Already receiving significant earned media in outlets such as National Geographic Traveler Huffington Post and mention in notable guidebooks like Lonely Planet, international journalists and tour operators alike continue the praise heaped upon the Istrian peninsula and all it has to offer making it one of the world's top destinations.