Easter time...

In Istria, Easter is traditionally celebrated by preparing numerous pastries and Easter eggs which, besides being the symbol of life, have always been a traditional gift.

On Easter Saturday, the eggs are coloured and special Easter meals and pastries are prepared the most famous of which is the pinca - Easter pastry. The old and traditional ways of coloring Easter eggs with nettle, onion shells, red beet, spinach or leeks are very interesting. On Easter morning the food is carried in a basket to church for blessing. There is bread, ham, coloured eggs, spring onions, horse radish, cakes and some salt in the basket usually.

For Easter lunch, lamb bowel stew and lamb bone soup of lower quality pieces of meat were traditionally prepared. Better pieces of lamb were roasted (agnello fritto) or stewed (agnello in umido) - on low fire with constant pouring of soup and wine. Those who could not afford a lamb were satisfied with pasta (fuži), cabbage (kapuz) and chicken.
At present time, lamb and, especially, goat meat is usually roasted under the traditional pot called čripnja. There is meat in the dish, placed under a pot, covered with potatoes, onions, garlic and herbs (usually laurels and rosemary).
On Easter Sunday in Istria, the pinca - Easter pastry, Easter bread or cake are traditionally eaten.

The traditional game for children and adults played on Easter Sunday in Istria after the Mass or Easter lunch is called egg- cracking with coins. The eggs are placed at a certain distance, and those who manage to hit the egg with a coin so that it remains in the egg, get both the coin and the egg. If the egg has not been cracked by the coin, the money will be given to the owner of the eggs.

We invite you to spend Easter in Istria, where You will, at one of the many taverns, agritourisms and restaurants, experience the spirit of Easter and also have the opportunity to taste Istrian specialties.

Along with a Easter Mass celebration in Istria, You will have the opportunity to participate in Easter programs in Umag, Novigrad, Poreč, Vrsar, Rovinj, Fažana Rabac, Žminj and Pula.
At Liberty Square in Poreč, a rich Easter program will be organized, as well as in Rovinj, at the main square, where you will have the opportunity to experience Easter and enjoy in a rich entertainment program.
Under the name 'Easter in the Town', on Easter Saturday at the market in Pula, the traditional Easter "scrambled eggs" dish will be prepared while you can enjoy a musical program.
Visit Rabac and try Easter breakfast at the waterfront or check the presentation of the Easter customs and specialties in Fažana or visit the event dedicated to traditional Istrian pastry - pinca in Žminj.

We invite you to spend this year’s Easter in Istria so that You can experience the tradition and customs associated with this holiday!

We wish You a happy Easter!


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