Beach Cisterna and Bačvice Bay

Cisterna and Bačvice Bay are 6 km distance from Rovinj-Rovigno so to reach this part; you have to go by car.

In Cisterna Bay there are no regulated parking places and you won't find any additional services. The closest services are in the campsite Veštar, around 2 km away from the bay.
Cisterna Bay is a wild beach where there are no sports grounds, sanitary facilities, gastronomic or other services.

The beaches in Cisterna and Bačvice Bay are the most beautiful beaches at the entire southern coast of Rovinj-Rovigno. These are two quite big bays with beautiful gravels as white as snow and some 10 meters further in the sea there is a sandbank on which you can stand at low tide.

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The reputation of Istria has continues in 2014, as one of the world's top destinations after receiving numerous awards from leading travel guides like Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler. The Istrian peninsula is further praised by most tourist guides and journalists

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