• Truffle Days in Istria

    09.09.2017 - 19.11.2017

    Buzet, Motovun, Livade

    The truffle is the supreme delicacy that had been enjoyed by the Mesopotamian rulers 4000 years ago, and it is still one of the most prestigious foodstuffs in world gastronomy. This intense flavour royal mushroom was known to the ancient Greeks and the Roman emperors, and it was also served at the French court and among the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy. It is very rare and it grows only in several locations in Europe - in some parts of France and Italy and in Istria, favoured by mild climate, small temperature variations and grey clay soil.

    The white and the black truffles have their natural habitat in the Istrian truffle 'Bermuda' triangle between Pazin, Buje and Buzet, especially in the valley of the river Mirna and in the Motovun Forest. They grow underground, and they are searched after by specially trained dogs.

    October is the top season of the white truffles, which are also the most expensive and the most valuable truffles. At that time, numerous events are held every weekend to celebrate this indisputable king of mushrooms in Livade, the well-known truffles centre near Motovun. But, even before and after this period, throughout most of the autumn, Istria lives in the rhythm of truffles with the abundance of festivities dedicated to this noble mushroom.

    The guests that come from the whole region are presented with the typical truffle dishes: fuži, pljukanci, gnocchi, fritada and various meat combinations. There are also many exhibitions and fairs, with plenty of excellent opportunities to meet the world of this magic, aromatic tuber known for its aphrodisiac features.


    09.09. Buzet, Square Fontana

    Subotina with Giant Truffles Omelette (2017 eggs and 10 kg truffles)

    16.09. - 19.11. Livade (on weekends)
    Zigante Truffle Days

    21.10. Motovun, Square Andrea Antico
    VIII Teran and truffle festival

    21.10. - 22.10. Livade
    XXIV Tuberfest

    The white truffle fair
    Truffle exhibition
    Celebrity show cooking
    Truffle auction sale
    Truffle search demonstration
    Agricultural products fair

    04.11. - 05.11. Buzet
    Truffle Weekend

    Exhibition and fair of truffles and homemade autochthonous products

    » We present His Majesty, The Truffle of Istria


    TZ Istra
    T. +385 52 88 00 88

  • Zigante Truffle Days

    16.09.2017 - 19.11.2017


    Truffle Days 2017

    Truffle Days 2017

    In the heart of the Motovun forest, one of the most important areas for harvesting the white truffle in Istria, Zigante Tartufi Days are being held each year. This long manifestation is being held over ten weeks during autumn.

    That is expensive tuber that is literally measured in grams of gold like a magnet for visitors, according to local and foreign guests from Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria and even distant Japan, who are constant visitors to this unique project.

    It was this event celebrated the Livade as a world center of the Istrian white truffles, and turned this place into a single marketplace, only one of its kind in the country.  Truffle Fair and Exhibition is an ideal opportunity for exploring and tasting truffles and its presentation.

    In addition to the absolute king of Istrian cuisine, here you can find other indigenous products, which in its tradition and quality attract interested tasters and consumers from around the world: wine, olive oil, cheeses, honey, brandy-herb and other traditional Istrian products.

    The gastronomic offer is the result of collaboration with the best wineries and olive oil. For all visitors entering the fair is free of charge.

    Opening hours:
    16.IX - 29.X: 10:00 - 19:00 every weekend
    04.XI - 19.XI: 10:00 - 18:00 every weekend


    Livade Tartufi
    + 385 52 664 302, +385 91 477 7410

  • Istrian Souvenir Market

    23.09.2017 - 24.09.2017


    Fair of traditional crafts and an exhibition of Istrian souvenirs with cultural and artistic program

    Fair of traditional crafts and an exhibition of Istrian souvenirs with cultural and artistic program

    Projected as a festival of Istrian souvenirs, the event brings together producers of the original Istrian souvenirs and the old traditional craft makers. It has become a traditional event that annually attracts an increasing number of exhibitors, participants and visitors.


    TZ Svetvinčenat
    Svetvinčenat 20 T.: +385 (0)52 560 349

  • Istrian Donkey Festival


    Juršići (Svetvinčenat)

    13th regional and 9th national festival

    13th regional and 9th national festival

    The event brings together 20 donkey breeders from all over Istria and every year attracts more and more visitors. Throughout the years, It has been increasing in importance and a it has been a major boost to the donkey breeders. The aim of the event is to stop the extinction of the Istrian donkey.


    TZ Svetvinčenat
    Svetvinčenat 20 T.: +385 (0)52 560 349

  • ISAP 2017

    14.10.2017 - 15.10.2017


    International Prosciutto Fair

    International Prosciutto Fair

    Since long ago the home-made Istrian prosciutto has been the most valuable product and the one the Istrian gastronomic offer has been most proud of. Prosciutto has been considered and recognized as a symbol of perfection, the Istrian people call it vijulin, meaning violin. It has earned its royal status due to its taste, smell, colour, the right softness and freshness. Its prestigious position among gourmets it owes to its producers strictly following the traditional rules. In its honour the Municipality of Tinjan traditionally organizes the International Prosciutto Fair - ISAP.

    Along with the all-day sports, cultural and entertainment programme, and the presentations of numerous participants, during the fair will offer numerous tastings as well as professional lectures.


    +385 52 626 090

  • Chestnut Festivity



    9th festival of chestnuts and chestnut dishes and products

    9th festival of chestnuts and chestnut dishes and products

    Event dedicated to chestnut, products from chestnuts such as various cakes and honey... program for children and entertaining music

    The warm summer sun will also be felt in the incoming months, so you may use your autumn afternoons for taking a stroll down the woods full of chestnut trees. With its tree tops and the valuable chestnuts, they are also presents in the parks, gardens and promenades.

    Castanea sativa or the chestnut fruit is moderately sweet and has a high nutritive value. In gastronomy, it is used for preparation various delicacies, purees, cakes, bread or chestnut soups, and you simply have to try them baked. There is a folk tale that it is a lucky charm to pick three chestnuts and carry them with you all the time.


    TZ Oprtalj, Općina Oprtalj
    Matka Laginje 21, T:+385 (0)52 644 077, +385 (0)52 644 150


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