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Kaaštelir - Labinci

On the western coast of Istria, surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation blended with olive groves, vineyards and fields, you can find the Kaštelir-Labinci-S. Domenica Municipality. Two villages - Kaštelir and Labinci-S. Domenica, ital. Castelier - S. Domenica, have been gradually urbanistically expanding during the centuries which resulted in their being merged into one municipality located some ten kilometers north of Poreč. According to historical records, Labinci-S. Domenica was once a bigger settlement than Kaštelir, whereas today it is the other way around, which is also visible from the name.

A legend says that the inhabitants of Labinci-S. Domenica used to go to Motovun-Montona on horseback every Sunday to pick up a priest to have him serve Sunday mass in their church. On their way back to Motovun-Montona they would, as compensation, clean up the Motovun-Montona Square. During the history both villages used to be under the jurisdiction of Motovun-Montona and later Vižinada-Visinada. Today, numerous showrooms can be found in their suburbs which came to represent a modern industrial zone which will soon include even a prestigious culinary school.

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