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Oprtalj-Portole, situated on the hill reachable from Motovun-Montona along the narrow southward plateau is according to many, one of the most picturesque towns of the northern Istria. Oprtalj-Portole or Portole, which is its Italian name, was formerly a fort surrounded by defensive walls on which houses were built among barely protruding former town gates. In front of the gates, there is a huge Venetian loggia with the collection of stone monuments and an immediate vicinity of a plateau situated on the high fortifications offering the view all the way to the sea.

The parish church of St. George built in 1526 is ornamented with the unique bell tower which top isn't shaped as a pyramid characteristical for the Istrian bell towers but remained in its original form as a tower. When visiting Oprtalj-Portole, you can also see two small churches painted in frescoes – the small church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Rocco.

This area is famous for three more locations well-known for its sights. Below Oprtalj-Portole, next to the Mirna river, there is Livade, a world centre of truffles. In the immediate vicinity of Livade, Zrenj also called Sridone is situated, a former town of skilful and rich craftsmen such as blacksmiths, weavers, stone-masons and the birth place of St. Geronimo. Below the 85 meters high rock, on the spring of healing water of St. Stephen there is a health resort ‘Istrian Spa'.

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