• Istra-Istria: Memento

    14.03.2014 - 20.04.2014

    Novigrad-Cittanova , Muzej Lapidarium

    Muzej Lapidarium

    Selection from the Old Postcards Collections

    With the exhibition Istra Istria MEMENTO - a selection from the Old Postcards Collection the museum present to the public, for the first time, a portion of the exceptionally rich holdings of one of the largest collections, both in number and in substance, of the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria – Museo storico e navale dell'Istria. The Old Postcards Collection was set up in 1991 and presently owns about 14000 postcards dating from late 19th century to the 1970s that are geographically and thematically related to Istria.

    On 1st October 1869 the Viennese postal authority issued the first official postcard entitled Correspondenz-Karte and we are proud to present it in our collection - such a card was mailed from Pula as early as 1872! The bulk of the collection consists of postcards printed during the golden age of postcards (1897-1918), characterized by a variety of motifs and a superior print quality. The earliest postcards were printed by the use of lithography, chromolithography and xylography techniques.  Later on, photolithography was also common. These techniques enabled high-quality reproduction of the original design, but they also required much effort and manual work in painting and preparation of each individual card. Consequently, they can be considered to be small works of art.

    Until the late 19th century German lithography workshops were the leading workshops in the world, both in quality and price, and the most important printing centres were Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Munich. The Old Postcards Collection holds a number of postcards with Istrian themes that have been published by the most famous German publishers such as Stengel & Co., Markert & Sohn, (Dresden), the renown Dr. Trenkler & Co., Louis Glaser (Leipzig), Purger & Co. (Dresden) and others. The first Pula postcard publishers appeared by the end of the 19th century (A. Bonetti, M. Fischer, M. Clapis, F. W. Schrinner, G. Fano, G. Costalunga, Rudolf Marincovich, Josip Krmpotić) and until the 1920s they printed their postcards, of equally good quality as their European counterparts, in large print runs and of great thematic diversity.  At the same time, two Pula photographic ateliers – Flora and Ideal – printed their postcards based on their own photographic templates. 

    As early as the first decade of the 20th century almost every Istrian town or village had its own postcard publisher printing a wide array of postcards, such as Josip Novak and Pasquale Ivich (Pazin), Federico Greatti, Adolfo Vicich, and Giacomo Greatti (Poreč), Nicoló Daveggia and Giovanni Signori (Rovinj), Gius. Picciola and Antonia V. Parreto (Umag), Luigi Parentin and Carlo Verginella (Novigrad), Giorgio Rottini and Maria Fabiani (Buzet), Antionio Tagliapietra (Buje), T. Vladislovich and G. Valcini (Labin). Postcards with Istrian motifs were also printed by numerous Italian publishers such as Vittorio Stein, (Trieste and Venice), I. Stein (Trieste), G. Stokel & Debarba (Trieste), A. Cadel (Trieste), Cesare Capello (Milano) and others.

    The Old Postcards Collection includes, in territorial sense, postcards that thematically refer to that part of the Istrian territory that constitutes Istria as a geographical unit, a territory which is today divided among three states - Croatia, Slovenia and ItalyIt was precisely the territorial representation that constituted the basis for this exhibition and so every city, town and village whose postcard the Museum has in its holdings, is represented by at least one postcard. The units of the exposition are: Pula and its surroundings, Pazin and its surroundings, Buzet and its surroundings, Rovinj and its surroundings, Poreč and its surroundings, Buje and its surroundings, Muggia, Koper and its surroundings, Labin and its surroundings, Liburnija and the islands.The motifs on the displayed postcards are mostly panoramas, views, street and village scenes. The Old Postcards Collection holds an innumerable variety of motifs, because there is almost no subject that was not pictured on a postcard, in countless variations.

    Postcards constitute museum material of exceptional value; they are a distinctive visual memento of social reality. They are an important source for the study of social, cultural and economic history, ethnology, history of urban planning and architecture, conservation and restoration work, protection of monuments and history of language.


    Muzej Lapidarium
    Veliki trg - Piazza Grande 8A T. +385 (0)52 726 582

  • Days of istrian asparagus

    24.03.2014 - 15.05.2014

    Umag, Novigrad, Buje, Brtonigla

    Gastronomic event

    During March, April and May, the 8th Days of Istrian Asparagus will give true "asparagus lovers" an opportunity to relish in imaginative, delicious and fragrant delicacies made from Istrian wild asparagus, ranging from the renowned "fritaja" (omelettes), soups, homemade pastas and risottos to ingenious combinations with meat and fish and scrumptious desserts.

    Asparagus is one of the most appreciated wild plant varieties growing in Istria, picked from mid March to late April. Since it grows in less accessible places, often protected by thorny bushes, its picking requires eye of a hawk, iron will and not being afraid of an occasional scratch.



    TZ Umag-Novigrad- Buje-Brtonigla
    +385 52 757 075

  • Tomosijada



    International meeting of old timer Tomos motorcycle fans


    POU Buje
    +385 52 773 075

  • Open door days of gallery Agata

    19.04.2014 - 21.04.2014


    Selling art exhibition and entertainment program


    Galerija-atelier Agata, TZ Novigrad
    +385 52 757 075

  • (Bez) Veze

    22.04.2014 - 16.05.2014

    Umag-Umago, Muzej Grada Umaga (Museum)

    Muzej Grada Umaga (Museum)

    Museum-educational workshops


    Muzej Grada Umaga
    +385 098 440 691

  • Natour Adria

    23.04.2014 - 26.04.2014


    7th travel and trade show for active holiday

    The NATOUR ADRIA trade show is an international travel and trade show for active holidays in a natural environment.


    Toleranca Marketing d.o.o.
    +386 1 430 5103

  • Ottava Fiorini

    25.04.2014 - 27.04.2014

    Fiorini (Brtonigla-Verteneglio)

    Folk festival

    Cakes and flowers are a best welcoming invitation to the village of Fiorini in the vicinity of Brtonigla, in the northwest of the Istrian peninsula. The celebration of Ottava, as the first Sunday after Easter is called in the local dialect, opens the festivity season after a long lent period, reminding us of the joyous welcome to the warmer days of spring accompanied by sports, song and dance.

    The most awaited moment of the festivity comes after the festive mass: a table is placed in front of the church of St. Joseph the Worker, which housewives set with traditional and modern delicacies from their own kitchens. Bucolaj, kroštule, strudels, cakes and all types of cream cakes are completed with the offer from Istrian confectioneries, and visitors can see for themselves just how good they are at a tasting anyone would be sorry to miss.

    The festivity includes a bicycle ride, briscola and tressette - traditional card games, football tournament “Married vs. Unmarried” and an art exhibition, with the best moments saved for the evening with a concert, rich gastronomic offer and a glass of Istrian wine.


    TZ Brtonigla
    +385 52 774 307

  • Umag Sport & Umag Floria

    25.04.2014 - 27.04.2014

    Umag-Umago, Nova obala

    Nova obala

    Sport, leisure and flower fair

    This fair will give sports lovers and flower lovers a number of opportunities for true enjoyment - they will be able to try their hand at different sports disciplines, see the novelties from the sports gear, clothes and footwear domain, obtain flower seedlings at the lowest prices and see how the creativity and the hardworking hands of young high-school students create irresistible flower installations.


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