• Adriatic squid days

    01.12.2014 - 06.01.2015

    Umag, Novigrad, Buje, Brtonigla

    Gastro event

    Gastro event

    That the domestic squid really is a truly delicious morsel, gourmets shall be persuaded durnig the Days of adriatic squid all over the restaurants on North-west Istria. They will, at affordable prices, offer full course menus based on adriatic squid, all in combination with local wines i olive oils of highest quality.

    This gourmet manifestation, apart from presenting an additional motive for visiting North-west Istria at the time of Christmas holidays, is endeavoring to valorize remarkable squid from the Adriatic Sea, which is hunted just in winter period. It intends to raise awareness of their value in the kitchen and encourage caterers to devise new and creative recipes based on this sea food.


    Sjeverozapadna Istra
    T.: +385 (0)52 741 363

  • Umagic holidays

    04.12.2014 - 01.01.2015


    Christmas fair accompanied by entertainment and musical program

    Christmas fair accompanied by entertainment and musical program

    Once again the fabulous atmosphere will fill the town's streets and squares with various delightful events, cooking shows and concerts which will take place in Umag.

    The visitors will not only have the chance to taste the typical fritule and warm up with a glass of the fragrant mulled wine, but also to buy a creative gift for their loved ones, made by many small hands, but also some bigger ones. The UMAGic ambience of the fair will be accompanied by the festive Christmas notes from the public address system that will be resounding throughout the town as well as performances of various vocal groups, choirs and the typical klapas. To make this Christmas really special, before the Christmas Mass, flying lanterns will illuminate the sky.

    The program will be particularly magic for the little ones with various workshops, games, dances, decorating the Christmas tree, fairy tales, a puppet show and a meeting with - believe it or not - Santa Claus.

    After the Christmas celebrations, we will festively prepare for the happiest day of the year and give a joyful welcome to the New Year. The fun will be ensured by many concerts, DJs and young bands, a gastro and a zumba show, all accompanied by the captivating offers of our caterers.


    TZ Umag
    T.:+385 52 741 363

  • Christmas Fairytale in Grožnjan

    20.12.2014 - 24.12.2014


    Mr and Mrs. Santa Claus with elfs, live music, and vocal choirs, plays and playroom for children, cultural programs - exhibitions, christmas cycling race, native products, mulled wine, cakes, open galleries and studios, rich enogastronomic program...


    Općina Grožnjan
    Umberta Gorjana 3, T: +385 (0)52 776 067

  • Christmas cycling ride


    Grožnjan-Grisignana, Trg

    3rd recreational bicycle race

    12:00 h


    3rd recreational bicycle race

    The Christmas Bike Tour will start from the main town square at midday on 20 December. Spiced up with the winter feel and relaxed holiday atmosphere, this friendly race will shake up the dormant rhythm of winter and rouse excellent mood.

    The 30 km trail criss-crossed by forest paths will take you through the villages of Triban, Marušići and Kornarija and then back to festive Grožnjan. Participation fee is HRK 30.00 and you will need your helmet.


    Brdsko Biciklistički Klub Grožnjan
    Trg Ruggiero Paladin 3, Grožnjan T: +385 (0)98 927 3443

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  • New year's bike ride


    Umag-Umago, Trg slobode

    12:00 h

    Trg slobode

    Is there a healthier way to start out the New Year than participating in the afternoon MTB Ride, an event that Northwestern Istria has hosted for the past 10 years, on the first day of January? Probably not, if you ask recreation and nature lovers who regularly take part in this festive sports event.

    January 1st - a great day for a bicycle ride!

    The New Year’s MTB ride sets off from the main town square in Umag at 12:00 am. The trail leads along the Adriatic Coast on the north, all the way to the tourist settlement of Kanegra. Cyclists stop here to toast the occasion and enjoy some pastries. The route also leads through some of the Parenzana bicycle trail, then through the fields, back to Umag.

    The trail is about 30 km long, and depending on your pace, you can finish it in two to three hours.

    Start out the New Year of 2015 on two wheels, breathing in the fresh sea air while enjoying the natural beauty of Northwestern Istria.



    BK Bujština
    +385 98 431 506

  • Brtonigla Adventure Trekk



    Turn of the Alpe Adria trekking Cup

    Turn of the Alpe Adria trekking Cup

    Winter signs have already knocked at our doors. When most of the continents are trapped in the ice and snow, we invite you to the first race of the new trekking season in the picturesque Istrian town Brtonigla!

    Discover Istrian hidden treasures of untouched nature, enjoy the landscape around the river Mirna, run through the woods, rich vineyard and olive grove, walk up the hills and meet small medieval towns which offer unforgettable views from mountain Učka to the Adriatic Sea!


    TZ Brtonigla
    T. +385 (0)52 774307

  • 100 miles of Istria

    17.04.2015 - 19.04.2015

    Labin, Buzet, Umag

    Endurance race

    Endurance race

    100 Miles of Istria is an endurance race along the Istrian hiking trail, starting from the town of Labin and finishing in Umag. The trail passes through all the Istrian hilltops as well as some urban areas.

    The race consists of three categories. The longest race, which starts in Labin and ends in Umag, is 166,6 kilometres long with 6721 m of ascent and 7016 m of descent, which is equivalent to four times the rise to the top of the Učka Mountain from the sea level.
    The race starts in Labin, passes through Vojak, all the way to Buzet, then turning to the interior to pass through inland gems such as Hum, Draguć, Zamask and Motovun. It then returns to its original path through Oprtalj, and on its way to Umag passes through the beautiful Završje, Grožnjan and Buje.
    The time limit for completing the race is 48 hours.

    The second, shorter race, starting in Lovran, passes through Vojak and Buzet to join the 100 mile race trail in Oprtalj all the way to Umag. The length of the trail is 105 kilometres and has an overall ascent of 4300 m, which corresponds to the triple ascent to the top of the Učka Mountain.
    The time limit for completing the race is 33 hours.

    The third race is 63,74 kilometres long and follows the medium trail all the way from Buzet to Umag. The time limit for completing this race is 18 hours.

    The finish of all the races and the centre of events will be in Umag where the 1 kilometre children race will be held.

    The 100 miles of Istria race is one of the qualification races for unofficial trail world championship the North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, in a way that in the longest category finishers recieve four qualifying points those in the medium category three, and those in the shortest category one qualification point.

  • Wine day


    Vinske ceste Istre, (Wine roads of Istria)

    Open wine cellars day in Istria

    10:00 - 19:00 h

    (Wine roads of Istria)

    Open wine cellars day in Istria

    Istrian County and Vinistra - the association of winemakers and winegrowers of Istria organize the ''Open Wine Cellar Day'' manifestation which has been traditionally held on the last Sunday in May.

    So that on Sunday, 25th May, from 10 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., almost 80 renowned winemakers all over Istria are opening their wine cellars' doors to the visitors thus marking the Wine Day which plays an important role in promoting wine culture and creating Istria's image as a recognizable wine destination.

    During the ''Open Wine Cellar Day'' wine lovers as well as those who will become ones will have the possibility to taste the best Istrian wines and find out the way winemakers make top quality and world renowned wines by combining the traditional and modern way of growing grape vines.


    Vinistra & TZ Istre
    T. +385 (0)52 88 00 88

  • Istra Inspirit: The lighthouse of love


    Savudrija-Salvore, svjetionik (lighthouse)

    The secret love of Count Metternich and why they didn’t live happily ever after

    20:30 h

    svjetionik (lighthouse)

    The secret love of Count Metternich and why they didn’t live happily ever after

    The year 1818 marked the construction of the lighthouse that will later serve as love nest for Count Metternich and his lover, a young woman from Savudrija.
    Experience the delight of this forbidden love with the sound of a crackling fire and the fragrances and flavours of love potions. Enjoy the dishes sprinkled with aphrodisiacs and follow the story of two lovers...

    The experience includes:
    - welcome drink sprinkled with aphrodisiacs
    - musical love journey
    - romantic sunset at a unique location
    - cellist concert
    - theater of shadows at the lighthouse
    - Count Metternich’s rich dinner
    Menu of the Count Metternich’s dinner:
    - chickpeas maneštra (vegetable stew)
    - home-made sausages
    - brodetto
    - polenta with truffles
    - fritule
    - strudel
    - local wine
    - water
    Entry fee: 200 HRK per person, (27 €), tickets for children under the age of 7 are gratis, children from 7-12 years of age pay 50% of the regular price, 20 % locals, 20 % family pack: 2 adults + 2 children (older than 7 yrs)
    Duration: 2-3 hours


    Istra Inspirit
    +385 (0)52 88 00 88

  • 6th XCO Izgubljena Ovca



    Bike race class UCI C3

    Bike race class UCI C3

    The 6th edition of XC Race by the interesting name 'The Lost Sheep' will be held by the beginning of September in Municipality of Grožnjan through which the sheeps has wandered. It passes along the route of the former railway Parenzana!


    Brdsko Biciklistički Klub Grožnjan
    Trg Ruggiero Paladin 3, Grožnjan T: +385 (0)98 927 3443


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