• Zlatni lav - Golden Lion

    01.07.2016 - 10.07.2016

    Umag-Umago, Gradsko kazalište (City Theatre)

    17th International chamber theatre festival

    Gradsko kazalište (City Theatre)

    17th International chamber theatre festival

    The streets and squares in Umag become the stage to the numerous theatre fleets from Croatia, Slovenia, Italia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. In this period, the streets live their lives fully thanks to the Golden Lion, the international chamber theatre festival.

    This multicultural event that gathers numerous writers, directors, choreographers, set designers, composers and of course, actors, chose Umag, a city of a long theatre tradition, as its home town. Namely, in 1820, while Antonio Coslovich was building the Al Leon d'oro hotel, it was decided that he should also set the theatre next to the hotel, the first of its kind in the region.

    The Golden Lion, envisaged as the modern theatre review with a set theme, became the real tourist attraction and a bait for all theatre and culture aficionados. 

    The whole 10-day theatrical story begins with the traditional lighting up the fire in the park belonging to the town theatre, and the Umag theatre afterwards is lively all day long, up to the night.


    Inicijativa za promociju umjetnosti Mediterana
    +385 (0)52 743 447

  • 27. Konzum Croatia Open Umag

    15.07.2016 - 24.07.2016

    Umag-Umago, Stella Maris

    ATP Tennis tournament + ATP Party Nights + Istria Gourmet Festival

    Stella Maris

    ATP Tennis tournament + ATP Party Nights + Istria Gourmet Festival

    Held in Umag for more than 25 years, the Summer ATP Tournament is the climax of the tourist season in north-western Istria, and is one of the most important sports and social events in Croatia. 

    The town is then host to world-ranking tennis players, while the cream of society, journalists and reporters, sports experts and tennis aficionados spend time in and around the luxurious tennis complex Stella Maris. 

    Entertainment, concerts, evening parties and, since recently, the Festival of Istrian Culinary Delicacies Istria Gourmet are part of the tournament festivities. 


    Istra DMC Umag
    T. +385 (0)52 719 125, F. (0)52 719 271

  • Bobićada

    16.07.2016 - 17.07.2016

    Babići (Umag-Umago)

    Folk festivity

    Folk festivity

    Festival dedicated to the “maneštra” (minestrone) made of young corn (bobić) with a special program, sports competitions (briškula and trešeta card games tournament, football, and old local traditional game of pljočkanje) housewife competitions, Local committees of Umag and taverns in preparing the most delicious bobić-made maneštras, preformance of brass orchestra, choir and Gunjci band and fun with music for dancing.


    MO Babići - Lovrečica & TD Lovrečica
    T: +385 (0)52 741 363


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