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  • Pasen in Istrië

    In Istrië zijn de symbolen voor Pasen kuikens, vele zoetigheden en beschilderde eieren die naast symbolen van leven ook traditionele geschenken waren. Interessant zijn de oude manieren van paaseieren kleuren met brandnetels, uienschillen, rode bieten, spinazie of prei.

  • Breng Valentijnsdag in Istrië door

    Valentijnsdag is de dag der geliefden en we zijn elk jaar dan in het bijzonder romantisch en willen we zeker een mooie tijd beleven met onze geliefden. Het is een dag die gewijd is aan het uiten van de liefde aan geliefden.

  • Spend the holidays in Istria!

    The Christmas holidays can give you the opportunity to bring a last month of the year in a special joy and good company.
    In many places the traditional holiday events will enrich the holiday atmosphere - Christmas fairs where you will find gifts for loved ones and everyone can find something for themselves like an appropriate decorations for your warm home. In tents on the streets you will have the opportunity to have fun with good music, mulled wine and taste some gastronomic specialty.

  • Explore Istria on two wheels...

    Cycling trails have covered Istria just like a spider web. Everyone can find something for themselves. You can expect to find more difficult or less difficult biking trails and for the heart and soul, we recommend the trail along the Istrian coast as well as those to the medieval towns of central Istria.

  • Find out how the first season of Istra Inspirit went

    The nine diverse cultural, historical and gastronomical experiences revived the authentic locations in Istria and it has presented them in a completely different way. The Istrian castles, Roman villas, old town cores, museums, and even a coal mine in Raša, were turned into a stage and along with superb directing, scenery, costumes and music have managed to evoke the moments of mystical Istrian history.


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