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  • Zigante Truffle Days

    15.09.2018 - 18.11.2018

    Livade (Oprtalj-Portole)

    Truffle Days 2016

    Truffle Days 2016

    In the heart of the Motovun forest, one of the most important areas for harvesting the white truffle in Istria, Zigante Tartufi Days are being held each year. This long manifestation is being held over ten weeks during autumn.

    That is expensive tuber that is literally measured in grams of gold like a magnet for visitors, according to local and foreign guests from Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria and even distant Japan, who are constant visitors to this unique project.

    It was this event celebrated the Livade as a world center of the Istrian white truffles, and turned this place into a single marketplace, only one of its kind in the country.  Truffle Fair and Exhibition is an ideal opportunity for exploring and tasting truffles and its presentation.

    In addition to the absolute king of Istrian cuisine, here you can find other indigenous products, which in its tradition and quality attract interested tasters and consumers from around the world: wine, olive oil, cheeses, honey, brandy-herb and other traditional Istrian products.

    The gastronomic offer is the result of collaboration with the best wineries and olive oil. For all visitors entering the fair is free of charge.


    Livade Tartufi
    + 385 52 664 302, +385 91 477 7410

  • Sole Fish Days

    12.10.2018 - 18.11.2018

    Umag-Umago, Novigrad-Cittanova, Buje-Buie, Brtonigla-Verteneglio

    Gastronomic event

    Gastronomic event

    Repeatedly, north-western Istria captivates guests with its intoxicating tastes and scents, hidden places and events.

    If you are spending time here during the autumn, take the opportunity of trying our wide range of dishes based on sole. This high quality white fish is locally called "švoj", hence the name of the event.

    Lasting almost an entire month, the Sole Fish Days takes place in the many restaurants and wine cellars of Umag, Novigrad, Buje and Brtonigla. Here you will find three-course meals based on sole, served with quality wine and olive oil from the region.

    The sole has thus become an inspiration, encouraging cooks to try out new creations and combinations. Chefs reach for the stars and let their imagination run wild, raising the gastronomic experience to new levels - all in the name of this noble fish, characteristic of the north-western part of the Istrian peninsula.

    The sole shines in all its glory, bringing a new dimension to the intricate weave of Istrian culinary.
    Enjoy your meal!

  • XXIII Tuberfest

    20.10.2018 - 21.10.2018

    Livade (Oprtalj-Portole)

    Truffle Days 2016

    Truffle Days 2016

    Known as a supreme delicacy the truffle has always been and remains a prestigious gastronomic ingredient worldwide. The high season for the most valuable white truffle is October, when a several day long festival celebrating this undisputed king of flavour is held in Livade, a renowned truffle centre in the vicinity of Motovun.


    TZ Oprtalj, Općina Oprtalj
    Matka Laginje 2, T:+385 (0)52 644 077, +385 (0)52 644 150

  • 8th Teran and Truffle Festival


    Motovun-Montona, Trg Andrea Antico (Square)

    Truffle Days 2017

    Trg Andrea Antico (Square)

    Truffle Days 2017

    When Istria is taken over by autumn tones, its landscapes gleam in hundreds of shades of yellow, orange and red. From the top of the hill, this autumn patchwork is watching majestically over by Motovun, a medieval town overlooking the Motovun forest, the River Mirna and its stunning valley.

    In October, a one-day exhibition and tasting of Teran wine and truffles Is held here.

    Teran is an old Istrian variety, which dominated the Istrian peninsula around a hundred years ago and was first mentioned 600 years ago. Due to its strong and robust flavour, the autochthonous Istrian wine is delightful served with prosciutto, cheese and meat and game based dishes, while its ruby red colour perfectly blends with the autumn colours of Istria.
    Besides Teran, the equal star of the festival is the truffle, an underground Istrian treasure without which today’s gourmand cuisine would be unimaginable.

    The Festival brings together Istrian producers of Teran who want to give it the importance it deserves so that the culinary experience is complete with truffle dishes, of course, with emphasis on those that are best paired with Teran.


    Općina Motovun, TZ Motovun
    Trg Andrea Antico1 T +385 (0)52 681 726

  • Mushroom exhibition


    Draguzeti (Barban)

    The forests near the village of Draguzeti are rich in mushrooms. Therefore, at the end of October locals organize a mushroom exhibition in the Social Home of Draguzeti. In addition to the mushroom exhibition, hiking through the pedestrian – equestrian trail "Mushrooms path" is also organized, after which professor Zdenko Osip is available for all the questions about mushrooms.


    Općina Barban, TZO Barban
    Barban 69, T. +385 (0)52 567420

  • Review of Istrian Grappa



    16th review

    16th review

    The largest number of producers of traditionally made brandy are in northern and central Istria. You can taste their masterpieces at the brandy exhibit that is organized every year in Hum - the smallest town in the world. Such brandy is most often made from grape marc into which aromatic and medicinal herbs or different fruit are added. The most popular types of grape-brandy are rue and mistletoe brandy, but there are numerous other sorts as well: with honey, St. John's wort, sour cherries, mint, walnuts...


    Udruga Hum
    T +385 (0)52 660 003, F (0)52 660 001

  • Mushroom Days

    27.10.2018 - 28.10.2018


    Mushroom picking, exposition and tasting

    Mushroom picking, exposition and tasting

    Manifestation dedicated to the real autumn’s delicacy – the mushroom.

    Interesting and educational workshops and lectures will be held to familiarize the visitors with the world of mushrooms and raise the awareness of the importance of preservation, proper picking and identification of numerous mushroom varieties, as well as the relevance of mushrooms, especially in the dietary sense.

    The gathering of the mushroom growers from the Buje area, Istria, Croatia and guests from Slovenia and Italy will be dedicated to the varied and attractive exhibition of a multitude of mushroom specimens, a mushroom picking competition and the proclamation of this year's winners.

    Diligent and expert mushroom picking will result in the tasting of dishes based on this fruit of the autumn.

    Join us in Brtonigla in the common mushroom gathering for an interesting two-day program and enjoy the smells and flavours of nature.


    TZ Brtonigla
    Mlinska 2, T: +385 (0)52 774 307

  • New Wine Festivity



    Festival of the vintners from Istria, Croatia and abroad

    Festival of the vintners from Istria, Croatia and abroad

    Every year brings together the best Istrian vintners with an emphasis on quality young vintners for which this event is certainly giving a good boost for further development and progression.
    This event has been held for the 40 years in a row and has become a part of tradition and identity of the Svetvincenat Municipality.


    TZ Svetvinčenat
    Svetvinčenat 20 T.: +385 (0)52 560 349

  • Gnam-Gnam Fest: Istria on a plate


    Novigrad-Cittanova, Park Novigradske Biskupije

    Gastronomic event

    17:00 h

    Park Novigradske Biskupije

    Gastronomic event

    Istria on a Plate will take place in the great setting of Novigrad's Diocesan Park, located in the historical town core at the feet of the city’s bell tower and under its centuries-old pine trees, just a few steps from the sea. The event offers a real treat for the palate and all the other senses. The event will include a gastro-table where your hosts and the event organisers will offer the best and tastiest dishes prepared for this special occasion.

    Experienced chefs will prepare a number of novel and imaginative degustation dishes based on Istrian delicacies you'll have an opportunity to try with some of the top wines produced by local winemakers.

    A small fair accompanying the event will offer agricultural and other products produced locally by diligent hands – with, of course, a little help from Mother Nature. You'll have an opportunity to sample – and to buy at promotional prices – excellent extra virgin olive oils, cheeses and other dairy products, prosciutto and other cured meat products, homemade noodles, tasty sweets, natural cosmetics and much, much more.

    There will also be an exhibition of handmade original local souvenirs and other handicrafts available for purchase and a music and animation programme with a nice, unobtrusive musical backdrop to the whole event of traditional music and dance.


    TZ Novigrad
    Mandrač 29a T. +385 (0)52 757 075


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