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  • Moj kažun - La mia casita

    11.05.2018 - 26.05.2018

    Vodnjan-Dignano, Park kažuna

    Workshops of dry stone walls and kažuni (circular field shelters, built using the dry stone wall technique) restoration

    Park kažuna

    Workshops of dry stone walls and kažuni (circular field shelters, built using the dry stone wall technique) restoration

    Every Saturday and Sunday true traditional architecture lovers can take part in various workshops and lessons about the kažuni (circular field shelters, built using the dry stone wall technique) and dry stone walls.


    Grad Vodnjan & TZ Vodnjan
    T. +385 (0)52 511 700

  • Sea Star Festival

    24.05.2018 - 27.05.2018

    Umag-Umago, Stella Maris

    Music festival by Exit

    Stella Maris

    Music festival by Exit

    Are you yearning for a crazy, entertaining and unforgettable summer?! Then it would appear that you do not have to wait long, because a party on a world scale will be organised on the Adriatic coast this May. Superb music, well-known organisers and more than 70 performers over six stages. Where? In Umag, at the Sea Star Festival from the 24th to the 27th May!

    The organisers of one of the world’s best festivals, Novi Sad’s Exit, are coming to Umag, and in this way will connect the two regions through their mission, which was successfully initiated back in 2014.

    Some of the world’s most famous performers will appear at Umag’s famous sport and entertainment centre, Stella Maris and one of the most popular local performers. Six different stages will allow everyone to choose something for themselves.

    A great warming party will begin on Thursday, May 24, and partying will continue until Sunday, May 27, at the after party.

    Instead of sea stars, the first wave will bring real music stars, and one of today’s best live acts – Hurts – voted by audience choice as best act at the gigantic Glastonbury Festival over bands like U2 and Coldplay! Along with them, the festival will welcome killer hit-maker Robin Schulz, who has been shaking dance floors at festivals all across Europe, and who has already been proclaimed the heir to famous David Guetta for his ability to make a world-class party and publish a new hit every few months!

    To make sure the hits will come by the dozen, we’ve brought hot London trio Disciples and French duo Ofenbach with their infectious hits!

    To make the party even more intense, in addition to dance hits, colossal hip-hop beats will rock the festival thanks to Zagreb greats Tram 11, Balkan rap guru Edo Maajka, hip-hop queen Sajsi MC, Dalmatia’s favourite Dječaci, and Split’s peerless beatmaster Krešo Bengalka.

    Let's get the party started!



    Exit festival

  • Pirates Party

    25.05.2018 - 26.05.2018

    Kastanija (Novigrad-Cittanova)

    17th International bikers meeting

    21:00 h

    17th International bikers meeting


    Moto klub Pirates
    +385 98 728 699

  • Veli Jože Days

    25.05.2018 - 26.05.2018


    Giants festival

    Giants festival

    Veli Jože (Big Joe) - Istria’s Giant

    Do you believe the world of fairy tales and giants doesn't exist and that it's just fantasy for little children? Visit Motovun and you will step into a wondrous dimension where giants do rule, with Veli Jože, the best known among them, in the lead.

    The Veli Jože Festival in Motovun is dedicated not only to these Istrian giants but also to all other fantasy creatures that are the result of wild imagination.  Today fantasy literature is exceptionally popular, from Harry Potter to the Twilight Saga, and it all started with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. But Istria is not far behind in this genre. On the contrary, the well-known Croatian writer Vladimir Nazor told his story about Veli Jože back in 1908.

    The Veli Jože Festival brings to Motovun the screening of fantasy films, so this is a unique opportunity to watch movies about giants, both old and new, as well as documentaries and films for children. With its well-confirmed film tradition Motovun offers special 3D effects and confrontations of giants on the big screen.

    The festival is a real family event, where everyone can find something they like.  The streets of Motovun will be teeming with entertainers and musicians. Youngsters will be able to take part in creative workshops and in performances, while grown-ups can enjoy theatrical performances in the late hours of the night. The Old Crafts and Trades Fair, as well as eating establishments, will be offering XXL-sized products, giving visitors a chance to try giant-sized cheese, mortadella, pizza or numerous other gigantic morsels.

    » FB: Days of the Giant Veli Joze Motovun


    TZ Motovun & Illustris travel DMC
    Trg Andrea Antico 1 T. +385 (0)52 681726

  • Run.Eat.Drink: Run 4 Teran


    Šišan-Sissano, Wine & food station Trapan

    Sports and gastronomic event

    16:00 h

    Wine & food station Trapan
    Giordano Dobran 63, Šišan

    Sports and gastronomic event

    An unusual pairing of gastronomy and activity was the main idea behind the hedonistic experience called Run.Eat.Drink. This race series offers something different – autochthonous Istrian product tasting combined with running through the unforgettable picturesque landscapes of Istria.


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    Udruga kineziologa Pula


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