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  • Adriatic Squid Days

    01.12.2018 - 06.01.2019

    Umag-Umago, Novigrad-Cittanova, Buje-Buie, Brtonigla-Verteneglio

    Gastronomical event

    Gastronomical event

    That the domestic squid really is a truly delicious morsel, gourmets shall be persuaded durnig the Days of adriatic squid all over the restaurants on North-west Istria. They will, at affordable prices, offer full course menus based on adriatic squid, all in combination with local wines i olive oils of highest quality.

    This gourmet manifestation, apart from presenting an additional motive for visiting North-west Istria at the time of Christmas holidays, is endeavoring to valorize remarkable squid from the Adriatic Sea, which is hunted just in winter period. It intends to raise awareness of their value in the kitchen and encourage caterers to devise new and creative recipes based on this sea food.

    From a cheap, almost despised food, squid are on the Adriatic coast in the last half century turned into a favorite specialty. They have a delicate taste of the sea and are an exquisite medium for different flavors. They can be treated aggressively, with vinegar, hot peppers and aromatic herbs, and gently, with a few drops of lemon and a bit of chives.
    Enjoy your meal!


    Sjeverozapadna Istra
    T.: +385 (0)52 741 363

  • Novigrad Christmas Joys

    14.12.2018 - 18.12.2018

    Novigrad-Cittanova, Veliki trg, Park Novigradske Biskupije (Square)

    Traditional Christmas fair

    Veliki trg, Park Novigradske Biskupije (Square)

    Traditional Christmas fair

    It will be sunny and lively in Novigrad at the Christmas Fair which will be held under the tent at the square "Veliki trg" in the town centre.

    The imaginative gifts will be available for sale in all three days from 3 to 8 pm.
    The fair will be accompanied, apart from the occasional sale, by party and music and various events held under the tent and in different locations in the city.

    You too should visit the Christmas Fair and celebrate with the hosts, learning about the Mediterranean town of Novigrad in Christmas spirit. You will see that its winter look does not lack behind the one you get in the summer, and that Novigrad is worthy of its beauty, elegance and style in every season.

    Enjoy with many interesting handicrafts and rich entertainment program!

  • Christmas Fair

    14.12.2018 - 24.12.2018

    Pazin, Trg slobode (Square)

    Trg slobode (Square)

    Quietly on the fingertips, the winter magic enters our homes, spreads through the streets and fills everyone around us with the joy of the holiday season. The entire city of Pazin is covered with a happy holiday cloak in December ... And to make the last month of the year even more interesting, visit the central city square because Pazin’s Happy December awaits you!


    TZ Središnje Istre, Grad Pazin
    Franine i Jurine 14, Pazin +385 (0) 52 622 460

  • Parenzana Trace Walking Tour



    Sport event

    10:00 h

    Sport event

    116 years ago, on December 15, 1902, a train covered the route between Buje and Poreč for the first time, driving along the at the time new narrow gauge railroad Parenzana. It was thus that the second section of the railroad previously connecting Trieste and Poreč was put into operation. With the total length of 123 kilometres, it wound through the green istrian landscapes, connecting 33 Istrian settlements.

    Over the last ten years, parts of Parenzana were transformed into a hiking and bicycle trail, unique for the viaducts, tunnels and railway stations preserved along the route, dating back to the time when it was daily thundered through by a small locomotive.

    Commemorating the 116th anniversary of the first train ride between Buje and Poreč, the Tourist Board of the Town of Buje is organizing a hiking campaign from Buje to Grožnjan and back, along the restored route of the Parenzana.

    The start is in front of the old railroad station in Buje at 10 a.m. and trail-side refreshments are ensured for all participants.


    TZ Buje
    T.: +385 (0)52 773 353

  • Istrian Winter Running League


    Umag-Umago, Riva

    12th winter league season


    12th winter league season

    14th anniversary of the Istrian winter league proves how popular running is in Istria. There are different recreational 6 or 9 kilometre races being held throughout the entire winter, up until March. Make sure not to miss the upcoming exciting adventures.

    Entry fee will amount 120.00 HRK and it’s paid by the purchase of starting number which is valid for all races. There will be trails of different profiles, properly marked, which length ranges from 6 km to about 9 km.

    Istrian Winter Running League 2018/19
    1. round: 04.11.2018. Medulin
    2. round: 18.11.2018. Poreč-Parenzo
    3. round: 02.12.2018. Pazin
    4. round: 09.12.2018. Sečovlje (SLO)
    5. round: 13.01.2019. Sv. Petar u šumi
    6. round: 27.01.2019. Rabac
    7. round: 10.02.2019. Vodnjan-Dignano
    8. round: 24.02.2019. Pula-Pola
    9. round: 03.03.2019. Umag-Umago

  • 8th Wild Plants Festival

    27.04.2019 - 28.04.2019

    Kršan, SRC Pristav

    SRC Pristav

    In the spring period, when nature becomes a magical garden where we can pick up food as well as medicines, the village of Kršan will become the centre of the floral world as well as the host to the Wild plant Festival.

    Through interesting lectures and workshops, visitors will have the chance of learning the purpose and the way to use wild plants in cooking as well as in phytotherapy. Various educational and professional programs will give you new knowledge about the culinary use of comestible wild plants, their nutritive value and medicinal characteristics and a small part will even be transferred to a suitable gastronomical table with real Istrian delicacies accompanied by homemade wine and musical events.

    Walking lovers, especially those willing to search for and get to know the wild plants better, accompanied by a guide, can go on a tour to the nearby Plominska Gora and its peak Sisol.


    TZ Kršan
    +385 (0)52 880 155, +385 091 2863 190

  • Krafifest


    Kršan, SRC Pristav

    Presentation of traditional delicacy

    SRC Pristav

    Presentation of traditional delicacy

    Krafi is a traditional dish from the surrounding area of Labin and is made from very simple ingredients – flour, fat, eggs and cheese. However, this modest Istrian cuisine is made up using imaginative creative techniques such as this sweet pastry with cheese in the shape of ravioli.

    As well as making cooked and fried delicacies and tasting them you can also enjoy traditional Istrian music and folklore performances, and taste the offer of the other authentic products from this area. you can taste just part of Istria's past with its wine, brandy, cheese, curd cheese and honey. 


    TZ Kršan
    +385 (0)52 880 155

  • AXA cup: XC Režanci


    Režanci (Svetvinčenat)

    MTB race

    MTB race

    The AXA Cup in Režanci is part of larger mountain bike competition, which takes place in several Istrian locations and is intended both for amateurs and licensed riders. It is ridden on a circular macadam trail that is 5km long (multiple laps) with an altitude difference of 63 metres.


    TZ Svetvinčenat
    Svetvinčenat 20 +385 (0)52 560349



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