Rovinj-Rovigno, Ulica Grisia (Grisia street)
Ulica Grisia (Grisia street)

Traditional art competition and exhibition held in the eponymous street in the old town

The unusual Rovinj exhibition of Grisia regularly attracts the merry children who can exhibit their paintings and other works here, along the skilled artists and students. It is an opportunity for learning, fun and discovering Rovinj during the summer in a completely different way. Grisia is the largest and the most famous Croatian exhibition in the open and it is held in the lively alley of the similar name, which ascends to the hill where the grand church of St Euphemy is located. The atmosphere is serene and relaxed, while the audience is numerous. Is there a better place for the first immersion into the world of exhibits and artists? There is no participation fee, and the applications are accepted from 7.00 AM to 9.00 AM in the Heritage Museum. The works must be exhibited at 9.30 AM at latest, next to the facades of the houses or at the rails along the street. The locations of the exhibitions are not determined in advance, and the participants can bring the maximum of 5 works of art, and they must be theirs own. The exhibition is open until 7 PM, when the winner is announced.


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