Fishermen's Tradition Night - Guest stars: Tedi Spalato and klapa Kampanel


Rovinj-Rovigno, Gradsko središte (City center )
Gradsko središte (City center )

Traditionaly fest

With the aim of showing appreciation and promoting the traditional values and customs of the destination, the Tourist Board of the Town of Rovinj will this year once again hold its traditional event called Evenings of Fishing Tradition. The event will take place on July 7 and August 31. It celebrates the beginnings of the tradition of building batanas, traditional Rovinj boats, the open-air boatbuilding process and the launching of the boat into the sea. It also presents the customs and skills of Rovinj fishermen and traditional Rovinj songs called bitinade. The entire event is accompanied by a rich culinary, cultural and entertainment program.

In 2007, the event won the title of the most attractive tourist product in the Adriatic in the framework of the Blue Flower national competition run by the Croatian National Tourist Board. The same year, part of the project called A Procession of Batanas with a Dinner at the Spacio brought to the Tourist Board of the Town of Rovinj the Golden Goat recognition in the category of events offering an authentic and autochthonous destination experience, a recognition given by the Tourist Board of the Istrian County.

Over the years, the people of Rovinj and the numerous visitors to the town (more than 30,000 per day during the summer season), have had an opportunity to witness the open-air process of building and launching the following batanas: Fiamita, Calsanta, Arupina, Liliana; as well as the process of restoring and launching of: Adria, Camaiore and Leonberg. In 2010 and 2011, the Antonietta, the Santa Croce, the Regina, the Antea and the Loreta - batana boats owned by the members of the House of Batana Association used for the purpose of organizing the Processions of batana boats with a dinner at the Spacio, a typical Rovinj wine cellar, were restored and launched into the sea.

The event features a demonstration of fishing skills (repairing and weaving of fishing nets, traps and  straw woven bottle covers called damižane, etc.) and traditional customs from the past century, an open-air exhibition organized by the Trani Gallery and the House of Batana Eco Museum. The culinary offer for the numerous visitors gathered at the event venue is prepared by Maistra d.d. and its Adriatic Hotel in cooperation with the House of Batana Association, while the top-quality Rovinj wines and olive oils are supplied by renowned Rovinj wine and olive oil producers.


Town Watterfront
19,00 - Brass Band;
            KUD Stjepan Žiža

Square M. Tito
20,00 - KUD / SAC Marco Garbin (bitinade)
20,30 - The launch of Rovinj`s batana
21,00 - Klapa Kampanel
           Tedi Spalato

Square Riviera
21,00 – Folk group Batana
            Duo On line
            Group Polzer


Tz Rovinj
T. +385 (0)52 811 566


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