Rovinj-Rovigno, Crkva Sv. Franje (St. Francis Church)
21:00 h
Crkva Sv. Franje (St. Francis Church)

Baroque Music Festival BaRoMus: Ensamble Responsorium (Croatia); Monteverdi and the art of emotions

BaRoMus, a festival of Baroque music, brings to Rovinj leading musicians, soloists and ensembles that passionately explore the works of Baroque composers. This year, the town’s Baroque St. Francis Church will open its doors to the festival’s concerts of serious music. Located in De Amicis Street, the church and monastery were built in the early 18th century. This beautiful Baroque building houses a rich library and an interesting museum of sacred works of art, as a blend of tradition and modernity. The festival’s program also includes performers of the new generation who approach the Baroque in a different way. Through their musical expression, they provide a somewhat more contemporary view of the musical heritage of the bygone centuries. All concerts will be held in the Church of St. Francis, except the closing concert, to be held on St. Catherine’s Island. This distinctive festival is making Rovinj into the capital of Baroque music.


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