IAGI-International Art of Gastronomy in Istria

01.03.2012 - 04.03.2012

Umag-Umago, Hotel Melia Coral
Hotel Melia Coral

On March 1-4, the first international congress titled International Art of Gastronomy in Istria, of relevance for both Croatia and Istria, a meeting place of eminent experts and chefs from around the globe, with the main topics of autochthonous cuisine and gastronomic heritage in shaping national and international gastronomy and acquainting young cooks with the latest trends in world gastronomy, is going to take place in hotel Meliá Coral***** in Umag.

Croatia will have an opportunity to present its gastronomic heritage in the framework of the Congress through the regional cuisines of Hrvatsko Zagorje and Istria, with the assistance of 26 renowned Croatian chefs.

The event will be attended by the stars of the world of gastronomy, some of whom will hold lectures in the framework of the Congress, the significance of which is also testified to by the fact that Gissur Gudmundsson from Island, the Chairman of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), world famous cook John O'Clancy from Ireland, representative of the WACS for Northern Europe, Srečko Koklič from Slovenia, the Chairman of the WACS for Southern Europe and their esteemed colleagues from Great Britain, France, Mexico, Japan, China, Thailand, Turkey, Malta, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, India, Hungary, Austria, Spain and Denmark accepted the invitation to attend.

The demonstration of the preparation and tasting of Indian dishes, the presentation of autochthonous old Bosnian dishes and demonstration of the preparation of autochthonous Czech dishes are anticipated with special interest in the part of the Congress devoted to the presentation of global regional cuisines, while Croatian wines will be promoted in a special enological workshop.


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