Poreč-Parenzo, dvorana Žatika
dvorana Žatika

international competition of Malvasia wines

The World of Malvasia is an international competition of Malvasia wines which will take place in Poreč on 25 April 2012 organized by Vinistra – Association of  Winegrowers and Winemakers of Istria and the Region of Istria.

This new „oeno event” is a result of the world’s trends of production and consumption of wines which are produced from indigenous wine varieties which have firm conection with the territory on which they’re grown and are produced in limitted quantities.

The goal of „The World of Malvasia” is:

  • * gather the largest number of Malvasia wines possible
  • * promote the particularities and the qualities of different kinds of Malvasia varieties
  • * present the latest trends in Malvasia production
  • * award the best wines

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