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  • Ex tempore


    Novigrad-Cittanova, Park Irme Benčić (Park)

    14th International painting competition

    Park Irme Benčić (Park)

    14th International painting competition

    More than hundred painters from Croatia and foreign countries will take part to this event. They paint on various town locations using Novigrad as their topic.


    TZ Novigrad
    Mandrač 29a T. +385 (0)52 757 075

  • Town of Hum Celebration - the smallest town in the world



    Election of the major of Hum

    Election of the major of Hum

    According to legend Hum, the medieval town also known as the smallest town in the world, was founded completely by chance. Giants that were at the time building neighboring towns in the Mirna River valley decided to use the few remaining rocks and build a miniature town.

    This little town hasn't changed much over the centuries, and it seems as if even today the narrow stone-paved streets echo the tales of ancient knights. Each year on the Day of Hum all men from the parish elect their prefect in the municipal loggia according to the old tradition, by engraving votes on the wooden stick known as ‘raboš’. The town prefect is responsible for his parish, for settling disputes among residents and imposing penalties for disorderly conduct in Hum and the surrounding villages. And then to top it all, the election is followed by a folk festival where in the untouched, wonderful surrounding there is a chance to taste both the finest traditional dishes and well-known homemade wine and brandy. Hum is also the mecca of Croatian Glagolitism where you can see the first monuments and trace the very beginnings of Croatian literacy, as well as get to know the old Croatian alphabet ‘glagoljica’.


    Udruga Hum, TZ Grada Buzeta
    T: +385 (0)52 660 003, F: (0)52 660 001

  • Fažana Dance


    Fažana-Fasana, Riva (Waterfront)

    Folklore festival of istrian elementary schools

    18:30 h

    Riva (Waterfront)

    Folklore festival of istrian elementary schools

    Folklore festival of Istrian primary schools, presentation of children's culture: games, counting games, toys, everyday objects, stories... and presentation of traditional toys and musical instruments.

    Is there anything quite as beautiful as the great bond between tradition and youth? Promoting such friendship through music and dance is an unforgettable experience for the participants and audience.


    TZ Fažana
    43. istarske divizije 8 T. +385 (0)52 383727

  • Night sightseeing tour

    13.06.2017 - 12.09.2017

    Labin, Stari grad


    21:30 - 23:00 h

    Stari grad


    Do you believe that there's a mine hidden inside a Baroque palace? Do you know who invented the speedometer? Do you know that the closest associate of the Protestant reformer Martin Luther was a man from Labin? Find answers to these questions during a free Labin Old Town sightseeing tour on Tuesdays, after the sunset. Stroll through the narrow streets and picturesque squares surrounded with noble palaces and discover the turbulent history of medieval Labin. Your female guides dressed as Sentona-the patroness of travelers-will introduce you with the ancient people known as Liburni and the outcome of the battle with the Uskoks , while their male collegues wearing miners' uniform will proudly tell you all about the famous Labin Republic and the local miners' riot.

    Tours start at 9:30 PM in front of Info point in Labin Old town, and finish at 11 PM in front of Negri palace. All tours are free of charge, availabel in Croatian, English, German and Italian.


    Labin Art Republika
    Titov trg 11, Labin

  • Pulski umjetnici Puli


    Pula-Pola, Crkva Sv. Franje (church)

    16th chamber music festival

    20:00 h

    Crkva Sv. Franje (church)

    16th chamber music festival

    Sofija Cingula, mezzosopran, Hrvoje Pintarić, horn, Tamara Jurkić Sviben, piano

    Admission free


    TZ Pula
    Forum 3, T. +385 (0)52 219 197


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