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  • Rovinj Photodays

    04.05.2018 - 06.05.2018

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Gradsko središte (City center)

    National photo festival

    Gradsko središte (City center)

    National photo festival

    Rovinj Photodays is one of the biggest photography festivals in south-eastern Europe. The final part of the festival takes place in Rovinj, and it is preceded by different activities such as yearly contests, travelling exhibitions and similar events. A series of workshops, lectures, portfolio reviews, exhibitions and other events take place during the Rovinj festival. 

    » www.photodays-rovinj.com
    » FB: Photodays Rovinj

  • Z armoniku v Roč - With the accordion to Roč

    12.05.2018 - 13.05.2018


    23. International meeting of diatonic accordion players (Triestina)

    23. International meeting of diatonic accordion players (Triestina)

    The sound of the popular 'trieština', a small accordion with buttons, starts to spread from every corner of the city – from taverns, family houses, streets - and whole Roč becomes on these days an open-air stage with a large fair where the most peculiar stands are those selling and exhibiting Istrian souvenirs and musical instruments. In this way people have the opportunity to buy and to play trieštinas or simply, just to listen to their sound... On this occasion, different musical workshops, lectures and presentations about the peculiarity of Istrian national instruments as well as scientific meetings about the preservation of the traditional music are also organised. Every year this small village with just about two hundred inhabitants becomes a unique world centre of this accordion called trieština.


    KUD Roč, TZ Buzet
    Šetalište Vladimira Gortana 9 +385 (0) 52 662 343

  • Labin Republic


    Rabac, Riva

    12th sailing cruiser regatta


    12th sailing cruiser regatta

    The best sailing cruisers crews from Istria and Kvarner will show their skills in taming the wind and waves in front of the Rabac coast. As the Labin miners once with their solidarity managed to create Labin Republic, the same values of unity are passed on nowadays by the regatta competitors who achieve their victories using skill, agility and team spirit.

    In the 18th and 19th century, the picturesque bays of Rabac, Sv. Marina and Prtlog were anchorage sites for wooden sailing ships, whereas today the seamen skills and centuries-old maritime tradition of this area are transferred by fast boats.


    JK Kvarner
    Kamp Oliva, Maslinica 10, HR-52221 Rabac +385 (0)98 234 667

  • Amfora Cup

    19.05.2018 - 20.05.2018

    Poreč-Parenzo, Zelena laguna

    International youth football tournament

    Zelena laguna

    International youth football tournament

    Teams looking for an international youth football tournament in a relaxed environment need look no further than the Amfora Cup. Right beside the centuries-old harbour town of Porec in the heart of the Istrian coast lies the sports and holiday centre Zelena Laguna. Various professional teams set up their training camps here, as on occasion does the Croatian national team. With a 15-year history, the tournaments have become a rendezvous for old friends.

  • Run.Eat.Drink: Run 4 Teran


    Šišan-Sissano, Wine station Trapan

    Sports and gastronomic event

    Wine station Trapan
    Giordano Dobran 63, Šišan

    Sports and gastronomic event

    An unusual pairing of gastronomy and activity was the main idea behind the hedonistic experience called Run.Eat.Drink. This race series offers something different – autochthonous Istrian product tasting combined with running through the unforgettable picturesque landscapes of Istria.


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    Udruga kineziologa Pula

  • Istria Wine & Walk



    Sports and gastronomic event

    Sports and gastronomic event

    We invite all wine and nature enthusiasts to mark 19 May on their calendars and register for the Istria Wine & Walk adventure through northwestern Istria. You are in for a treat: 11 km of an inspiring walk, meeting 9 first-class Istrian winemakers, 7 local producers and caterers and delighting in 7 tasting stops.

    Departure from Buje
    Arrival to the Santa Lucia vineyard
    Meeting the winemakers and local producers and caterers every 2 km along the trail
    Lookout on the Kastanjari hilltop
    Škarline Nature Park
    Tigor Gallery and the "Olive" exhibition
    Cattunar wine cellar
    Veralda wine cellar
    Returning to Buje by bus – small wine fair

    The wine and walk event will start in Buje where you'll get your tasting glass and a map of the trail and board a minibus. It will take you to the first stop, the amazing, half a century old Santa Lucia vineyard, the starting point of your wine and walk tour of the vineyards and olive groves.
    Istrian winemakers and other local producers will greet you with their luscious culinary treats and divine wines at every 2 km. Enjoy the straw-yellow shades of Istrian Malvasia and ruby red colours of wine. The secret of their enjoyable, potable flavour is in the white soil you will be walking on, the sunny vineyard slopes you will be passing by and the pleasant breeze that will follow you on your way.

    Your adventure will also take you to a lookout from which you can zoom in on the Ćićarija tops and the sea in the distance, as well as to the Škarline Nature Park and its unique creeks and small lakes, the "Olives" exhibition in the Tigor Gallery and 2 wine cellars nearby Brtonigla.

    On your way back to Buje, you will stop at a small fair featuring an party that will last until late in the evening. There you will be able to buy the wines that you were thrilled by, as well as some other products to make sure that you will remember this walk in all the colours of wine.

    Departure point: Buje town centre (St. Servulo Square)
    09:00 - 13:00 - Bus departure from the St. Servulo Square towards the starting point (every 20 minutes)
    15:00 - 19:00 - Bus departure from the end point towards the St. Servulo Square (every 20 minutes)


    TZ Umag, Novigrad, Buje, Brtonigla
    +385 (0)52 757 075 ,+385 (0)52 555 555

  • Veli Jože Days

    25.05.2018 - 26.05.2018


    Giants festival

    Giants festival

    Veli Jože (Big Joe) - Istria’s Giant

    Do you believe the world of fairy tales and giants doesn't exist and that it's just fantasy for little children? Visit Motovun and you will step into a wondrous dimension where giants do rule, with Veli Jože, the best known among them, in the lead.

    The Veli Jože Festival in Motovun is dedicated not only to these Istrian giants but also to all other fantasy creatures that are the result of wild imagination.  Today fantasy literature is exceptionally popular, from Harry Potter to the Twilight Saga, and it all started with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. But Istria is not far behind in this genre. On the contrary, the well-known Croatian writer Vladimir Nazor told his story about Veli Jože back in 1908.

    The Veli Jože Festival brings to Motovun the screening of fantasy films, so this is a unique opportunity to watch movies about giants, both old and new, as well as documentaries and films for children. With its well-confirmed film tradition Motovun offers special 3D effects and confrontations of giants on the big screen.

    The festival is a real family event, where everyone can find something they like.  The streets of Motovun will be teeming with entertainers and musicians. Youngsters will be able to take part in creative workshops and in performances, while grown-ups can enjoy theatrical performances in the late hours of the night. The Old Crafts and Trades Fair, as well as eating establishments, will be offering XXL-sized products, giving visitors a chance to try giant-sized cheese, mortadella, pizza or numerous other gigantic morsels.

    » FB: Days of the Giant Veli Joze Motovun


    TZ Motovun & Illustris travel DMC
    Trg Andrea Antico 1 T. +385 (0)52 681726

  • Wine day


    Vinske ceste Istre, (Wine roads of Istria)

    Open wine cellars day in Istria

    10:00 - 19:00 h

    (Wine roads of Istria)

    Open wine cellars day in Istria

    The Istria Tourist Board and Vinistra - the association of winemakers and winegrowers of Istria organize the ''Open Wine Cellar Day'' event which has been traditionally held on the last Sunday in May.

    So that on Sunday, 27th May, from 10 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., 70 renowned winemakers all over Istria are opening their wine cellars' doors to the visitors thus marking the Wine Day which plays an important role in promoting wine culture and creating Istria's image as a recognizable wine destination.

    During the ''Open Wine Cellar Day'' wine lovers as well as those who will become ones will have the possibility to taste the best Istrian wines and find out the way winemakers make top quality and world renowned wines by combining the traditional and modern way of growing grape vines.

    » More details about the Wine Day


    Vinistra & TZ Istre
    T. +385 (0)52 88 00 88

  • Lighthouse Festival

    30.05.2018 - 03.06.2018

    Tar-Torre, Lanterna Resort (The beach below the Lighthouse Villa )

    Electronic underground music festival

    Lanterna Resort (The beach below the Lighthouse Villa )

    Electronic underground music festival

    Electronic music festival that attracts around 4,000 guests and more than 20 performers during 4 festival days. The main stage is within the Lighthouse Ville, the other stages are within Zodiak Club and on the beach. Furthermore, there are also optional Boat Party and Pool Party.

    The entire Lanterna peninsula is closed for outdoor guests during the festival, but tickets are available for purchase through the official website of the event.


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