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  • A zip line is a steel rope strung between two points of different heights on which, with the help of a pulley and mountaineering equipment, you descend downhill at a speed of up to 50 km/h. The zip line is located above the Pazin Cave, which is located in the city of Pazin itself. There are two steel ropes above the pit. The first rope is 220 meters long, and the second rope is 280 meters long. The highest height to be traversed is 100 meters. After the ride, you return on foot along the 160-meter-long path. Reservation is not required. The minimum age is 4 years, and the maximum weight is 120 kg.

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Content 1:

  • Zip line Pazin pit

  • Dauer:

    30-40 minutes

  • Geplanter Termin:
    Samstag 01/10

    Groups starting every 20 minutes

  • Preis am Tourismustag:

    HRK 70.00 per person - the price is the same for children and adults

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