Svjetski dan turizma 2022



  • Touch the past in the smallest city in the world Hum, feel the smell of freshly brewed coffee or ground flour, let the old boards creak and the objects speak. Step into a medieval building with a town lodge where life still goes on today. Get to know the Museum of Hum AurA and Distillery bar AurA. The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Hum AurA consists of almost 1,500 exhibits carefully arranged in 11 thematic rooms. Each unit represents an indispensable segment of the life of the ancestors and the dominant craft shops in the last 150 years: the old pharmacy, school, post office, shop, distillery, cobbler, carpenter, tailor, mill, thematic components dedicated to the Glagolitic alphabet and frescoes. Surrender to our educated staff, experience our passion for antiques!

  • Angepasst an Menschen mit Behinderungen: NEIN
  • Bei Regen geöffnet: JA
  • Mit Vorankündigung: NEIN

Content 1:

  • Interpretation tour of the museum
  • Dauer: 45 min
  • Geplanter Termin:
    Samstag 01/10 und Sonntag 02/10

    9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

  • Preis am Tourismustag: Entrance ticket for students / children (7 - 14 years) HRK 25.00 Adult ticket HRK 40.00 People with special needs do not pay entrance.
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