Svjetski dan turizma 2022



  • ATELIER VIDOVIĆ organizes painting courses in Istria. The courses are held throughout the year, and their goal is to enable creative participants to experience the Istrian landscape through the eyes of an artist and thereby improve the individual's awareness of the value and importance of the environment for our survival. This year, for World Tourism Day, ATELIER VIDOVIĆ offers a two-hour trial painting course in the desired technique: drawing (10am-12pm), watercolor (12pm-2pm), acrylic (2pm-4pm) or oil (4pm - 6pm). Those interested can apply by phone: 099 302 6788 or by mail:

  • Angepasst an Menschen mit Behinderungen: JA
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Content 1:

  • Painting course
  • Dauer: 8 hours
  • Geplanter Termin:
    Samstag 01/10
    10h, 12h, 14h, 16h
  • Preis am Tourismustag: For World Tourism Day, we offer a two-hour trial painting course in the desired technique. The price is HRK 150 per course. The course is free for children, disabled people and pensioners.
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