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  • Papago Park is the first bird park in this part of Europe, which covers 30,000 m2. It is home to over 200 individuals (birds) from all over the world. The park is eco friendly, i.e. it was built in a natural environment from natural materials. The walkways are made from waste branches, electricity is obtained from solar panels, cardboard cups are used in the catering facility, and all signs in the park are made using the pyrography technique without the use of paints and plastics. The park also has an educational center where lectures are held on the protection of birds, their habitats and nature. The park is located 2 km from the state road Poreč-Novigrad near Červar Port.

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Content 1:

  • Papago park Croatia

  • Dauer:

    2 hours

  • Geplanter Termin:
    Samstag 01/10 und Sonntag 02/10

    From 10am to 4pm

  • Preis am Tourismustag:

    Adults 60 HRK Children 50 HRK

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