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Istrian restaurants in the Michelin Guide

70 restaurants from Croatia are listed in the Michelin Guide 2020 and with that Croatian gastronomic scene is enriched with 7 new local restaurants which carry Michelin recommendation and 15 restaurants from Istria has deserved the Michelin recognition.

15 Istrian restaurants which have deserved Michelin recognition are:
„La Puntulina“ in Rovinj, „Meneghetti“ in Bale, „Alla Beccaccia“ u Valbandon, „Zigante“ in Livade, „Sv. Nikola“ in Poreč, „Marina“ in Novigrad, „Damir & Ornella“ in Novigradu, tavern „Čok“ in Novigradu, „Badi“ in Lovrečica (Umag), tavern „Buščina“ in Umag, „San Rocco“ in Brtonigla, tavern „Morgan“ in Brtonigla and „Pergola“ in Zambratija have been awarded a Michelin recommendation, a restaurant „Batelina“ from Banjole nearby Pula has received Michelin Bib Gourmand award. Restaurant „Monte“ from Rovinj and this year has retained its Michelin star.

"Congratulations to all Istrian restaurants which have deserved the prestige Michelin recognitions. We are proud that the exquisite Croatian restaurants are our partners for many years from now and they have, with their skils and dedication of its guests to the top experience, deserved a spot in a Michelin guide. Each year, the quality of the Croatian restaurants has been confirmed by the Michelin guide and to all people who work in METRO are exceptionally pleased that our cooperation with Michelin guide enables us to be a part of the success of the Croatian restaurants. In the current situation, when the hospitality industry is facing business challenges, Michelin recognition can contribute the positioning of the Croatian restaurants on a gastronomic excellence map and that is why I'm glad that METRO in this way can provide extra support to the promotion of the Croatian gastronomy“ said Thierry Guillon-Verne, the CEO of METRO Cash & Carry Croatia.

METRO has been the Michelin Guide's partner for many years from now which is an international reference for fine dining and recommends more than 30 000 restaurants in 30 countries.

List of all Croatian restaurants included in a Michelin Guide for 2020 can be found here: