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Flos Olei 2020: Istria declared the best olive oil region in the world

In the latest, 11th edition of the leading world guide for olive oil Flos Olei 2020, Istria is again, for the fifth year in a row, declared the best olive oil region in the world.

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Flos Olei is the most influential world olive oil guide for excellent olive oils, and Istrian oils have been among the most appreciated during the last years. In the new edition of Flos Olei, considered the Bible for extra virgin olive oils, 79 Croatian extra virgin olive oils have been included, 77 of which are from Istria, 1 from Krk and 1 from Dalmatia. Most of the olive producers achieved better results comparing to previous year, which is a proof of the upgrade in quality in olive oil producing and implementation of the latest science - technological performances.

In 2020 Olea BB is named the best 'company with heart', which means that everything that they are doing, are doing with great attention and passion. Another achievement is that the Istrian olive oil producers gained even higher grades than previous years. Olive oil producers: Ipša, Mate and Olea BB were marked with 97 and this year with higher grade, 98. Moreover, 13 olive oil producers from Istria are in the premium category, all marked with grades higher than 95.

This international success certainly contributes to branding of Istria as gastronomic destination since extra virgin olive oil is the main ingredient to dishes and essential alimentary product of the Mediterranean cuisine, and is appreciated all over the world due to it organoleptic and medical properties.

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