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Flos Olei: Istria on top of the world's olive oil list

50 Istrian olive growers and producers have been included in this unique world guide!

Istria has achieved great success in the seventh edition of the Flos Olei guide, published in 2016! 50 Istrian olive growers and producers have been included in this unique world guide thanks to their extra virgin olive oils. This means that as far as quality and presence is concerned, for the first time Istria has reached the top of the list of the finest quality olive regions in the world!

Istria - The World's Best Olive Oil Region in 2016

Olive oils from 49 different countries and five continents have been evaluated and described in the guide. Besides the olive growers and producers, the guide brings information about the history, culture and production of the countries the oils come from in 864 pages. Besides European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina... are also mentioned.

The Spanish region of Andalusia is present in the Flos Olei 2016 guide with 45 olive growers and producers, the Italian region of Lazio has 39 growers and producers, Sicily with 31 and Apulia with 29. Tuscany, which was followed by Istria in second place for many years, has 25 olive growers and producers listed this year in the famous olive oil 'bible'. This world success has definitely brought important extra points of brand Istria as a food destination.

The highest number of points reached by olive growers in the Flos Olei 2016 guide is 98 out of 100. The only producer from Istria to reach the very high score of 97 points was Olea B.B. from Rabac, followed by another 4 producers with an impressive 96 and 95 points respectively:  Obitelj Ipša, Stancija Meneghetti, OPG Matteo Belci and Tonin as well as Chiavalon Franco Basiaco, Giancarlo Zigante and Enio Zubin.

Listings in Flos Olei and its subsequent great success began in 2005 and since that time, Istrian olive oils have continuously proved their excellent quality.