Measures when organizing events for 100 and more participants

[Latest update: July 10, 2020.]

These instructions and recommendations are to be applied for all events for 100 and more participants. The organiser is responsible for the implementation of these recommendations.

Instructions for all participants/guests:

Please comply with the following measures:
1. The physical distance between all guests should be at least 1,5 metre.
The physical distance rule does not apply between the same household members or those who are usually in close contact

2. The obligation to comply with enhanced hygiene measures for indoor and outdoor gatherings, personal hygiene and the use of disinfectants

3. Measure body temperature before the arrival
If it is above 37.2 °C, or if the person feels sick or has any symptoms (all symptoms or signs of illness, not only respiratory diseases), he or she may not take part of the event.

Also, a person may not participate in any case if:
- Has a household member in self- isolation
- Has been abroad in the past 14 days, unless has a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours.
- Had contact with a person infected with SAS-CorV-2 in the past 14 days
- Has one of the following symptoms: high body temperature, cough, lack of air, sore throat, runny nose or loss of smell.

4. Record keeping: The organiser (private or legal person) should keep a record of participants and staff. Basic data will be collected: name, surname, telephone number and signature of guests.

5. Face masks: All staff, except the musicians, at the event, have to use a face or medical mask. The staff should use a face or a medical mask covering the nose and mouth.