New Conditions for Entering the State Border of Republic of Croatia

[Latest update: May 30, 2020]

According to the decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters of Republic of Croatia, about the temporary ban on crossing the state border at the border crossings of the Republic of Croatia, today the decision was complemented with the following information.

The nationals of the members states of the European Union: Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Austria, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Poland, Republic of Slovenia, Federal Republic of Germany and Slovak Republic, due to the convenient epidemiologic situation, will not have to - when entering the Republic of Croatia, specifically prove the reason of their entrance (business, economic, tourist, etc.). They will be allowed to cross the border under the same conditions as it was before the pandemic COVID-19, but with the epidemiologic control and according to all the measures and recommendations of the Croatian Institute for Public Health.

In order to be able to contact the nationals of the member states in Republic of Croatia, due to the epidemiological reasons, on crossing the state border their entrance will be recorded by collecting the additional information (travel destination, mobile phone number and e-mail address).

For all other nationals the measures regarding crossing the state border remain the same and borders are open for foreign citizens that are owners of the real estate in Croatia, owners or members of the board of the company or business activity in Croatia, in case they are invited by the economic operator from the Republic of Croatia due to the business meeting or in case they have to attend the funerary in Croatia or visit a sick person. Also the borders are open for the citizens of member states of the EU/EEA who have booked tourist accommodation in the Republic of Croatia, and have to present the confirmation of accommodation booking in an accommodation establishment to enter the Republic of Croatia.
- Confirmation of accommodation booking of all accommodation service providers / all types of accommodation
- Camp lease contract
- Permanent berth contract in a nautical tourism port
- Confirmation of berth reservation in a nautical tourism port
- Travel agency voucher etc.

With the aim of decreasing the time of crossing the state border which will be extended compared to the previous years, due to the collection of additional information, we recommend to foreign nationals who will travel to Republic of Croatia to send their information in advance via web

The web site has accessible design and is easy to use; it has a form available in Croatian and English to enter all the necessary information, and in the following days, it will be available in other languages (German, Slovenian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, etc.)

For all travellers who will send their data via the web it will not be necessary to wait at the cross border, because the information will already be collected in the system. All travellers who will send their information in that way, they will receive at their e-mail address the confirmation of the received announcement and all other information regarding the measures and recommendations of the Croatian Institute for Public Health.

The travellers who will not send their information in advance via the above-mentioned application, they will be able to do that at the border on entering the Republic of Croatia, but it is possible that they will have to wait longer at the border.