Central Istria

Dreamlike nature, almost mythical landscapes and spectacular medieval towns of central Istria will stir up within you that primal, deep, true pleasure! Central Istria is one of few Mediterranean regions characterized by the quality of unspoiled natural landscapes and rich heritage. Numerous coves and hills have connected and divided many magic-like settlements creating almost surreal scenery.

All main roads from the east, west and south Istrian coast will take you to Pazin, an administrative centre of the Istrian County, situated at the very center of the Istrian peninsula. Pazin's fortification Kaštel was once the governing centre of the Pazin County, the feud of the Austrian Habsburgs. Kaštel today is the home of the Ethnographic Museum of Istria and the Museum of the Town of Pazin. There is also a famous beekeepers' association which organizes the bee school and traditional Honey Days. In the vicinity of Pazin there is the Gortan's Hill with its Educational and Gastronomic Centre of Istria which teaches about traditional and modern Istrian gastronomy by organizing culinary workshops. Let us not forget about Beram, one of the most important centres of medieval Glagolitic literacy, and Tinjan, known for its symbols: the stone dry wall and pools, Istrian traditional tools (kosir and rankun), folk tales and legends as well as for proclaiming itself the Municipality of Istrian Prosciutto in 2006.