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Medulin Adrenaline Park

Are you looking for fun and an adrenaline rush? Connect with the nature and visit the Medulin Adrenaline Park, which is situated in an area of oak forest and meadows with a total surface of 12,000 m2. 
In the park, there is a bar where you can refresh yourself after a tour of attractions that will give you a large dose of adrenaline.

High ropes course on trees, a zip-line that streches almost along the entire park, downhill rolling inside a zorbing orb, crashing nestled inside sphere shaped zorb, paintball, archery and rides in buggies will guarantee excitement and provide a memorable experience for the whole family.

Opening hours:
I - V & X - XII: by appointment
VI: 09:00 - 19:00
VII - VIII: 09:00 - 21:00
IX: 10:00 - 19:00

Large course + zip: 150 kn
Zip-line (160m): 60 kn
Big swing: 60 kn
Small children course + zip: 80 kn
Children buggy course: 60 kn
Bow and arrow: 40 kn
Paintball target for children and adults: 20 kn/20 balls
Paintball start package: 120 kn
Paintball medium package: 180kn/200 balls/ equipment
Paintball extreme package: 350kn/500 balls/ equipment
Paintball splat master: 100kn/100 balls/ equipment
Zorbing: 60 kn/ 1 person
Extra balls: 80 kn/100 balls

Languages: English, German and Italian 

Adrenalinski park Medulin
Biškupije, HR-52203 Medulin
T: +385 (0)98 9193 000, +385 (0)95 8142 560, +385 (0)99 8750 746

Medulin Adrenaline Park
Medulin Adrenaline Park
Medulin Adrenaline Park