Numerous entries and literature call Poreč the city of mosaics due to its culture arising from the Euphrasian Basilica, which value has been recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site. However, mosaic tiles of this beautiful city do not only consist of the Basilica's historic heritage but also of the entire city centre with its regular geometric street layout, the 13th century Romanesque house, the Baroque interior of the Istrian Assembly Hall etc.

The mosaic of the city's surrounding area is not complete without Tar with its singular fishing in the Tar Bay and cheese production nearby, the Višnjan Observatory and the Istrian ox (boškarin), the Vrsar List of important guests led by Giacomo Casanova, the Lim Channel as a protected natural reserve and the oyster farm. Vižinada provides one of the most beautiful views in Istria, here you can enjoy along the renovated Parenzana railway tracks which used to be a railway link between Poreč and Trieste. You will also enjoy in regional wines and the biggest Istrian wine cellar as well as boutique cellars introducing excellent Malvasia and Teran wines, orange and sparkling wines, supreme brandies including mistletoe (biska) and honey (medica) ones…