Martinje - St. Martin


  • Momjan-Momiano (Buje-Buie)


  • 13.11. - 15.11.20



About the event:

Each November, when the sweet juice of new wine is born, the town of Momjan celebrates the Feast Day of St. Martin, its patron saint. European traditions consider this Catholic saint to be the patron saint of vintners and wine growers and, in many countries, new wine is “baptised” on this very day.

Momjan, a small historical town north of Buje, is no exception. It is well known among wine and vine authorities. Situated not far from the Slovenian border, Momjan is an oasis of sweet muscatel, the result of the synthesis of ideal soil and climate over a period of many centuries.

When we realize that this town and its environs conceal some of the most prominent names in the Croatian wine-selling business, names that long ago made their reputation with Malvasia and Teran wine, the scale and importance of this event become apparent.

In wine-tasting sessions held in cellars, a wide range of wines are laid out for guests who, armed with drinking glasses, savour the top-quality wines of North-western Istria.

Vetrina Muskata, an international festival that attracts dozens of muscatel wine makers from Istria, Italy and Slovenia, is part of the St. Martin’s Day celebration. The best wine makers receive medals and the title of Muscateer, a symbol of top accomplishments and great achievements in the unique art of making muscatel wine.