Veli Jože: orienteering race


  • Motovun-Montona


  • 01.05.20



About the event:

7th urban orienteering race

The secrets of Motovun and its surrounding area are well hidden, but with a little help of a map and lots of imagination you can easily discover them.

In fact, an urban orienteering race is organized in Motovun, the Veli Jože, in which all those looking for adventure can participate, mums, dads, grandpas or aunts and uncles, but at least one member of the team must be under 14 years.
The goal of the race is above all to have fun, however with a little skill and speed, the amount of fun will increase. Each team must have at least two and a maximum of four members, and need to develop their own, original name using the theme of Motovun, under which they will then compete. Do not hesitate, let your imagination run wild!

The Veli Jože race is suitable for all ages, and the planned duration is one hour.
Each team will receive a map used for orientation, which will help it to find as many of the hidden checkpoints as possible. At each check point it is necessary to check the map in, and in so doing you will slowly reach your goal - a characteristic view of the old town of Motovun, a town of giants.
So - get your map and hit the road!

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