14th Astro Party Lunasa


  • Park of Novigrad diocese, Square / Novigrad-Cittanova


  • 31.07. - 01.08.20


  • 20:00



About the event:

Event held in honour of astronomy and mitology

An event dedicated to astronomy and astrology, mysticism and mythology. This is an astro-party with content and symbolism based on the ancient Celtic culture which is still a part of today’s civilization.

That is how the event got its name: ancient Celtic people named Lunasa after the first day of summer (1st August), celebrating life and wealth of nature.

Lunasa brings a scent of mysticism and mythology, which are an important part of history of Celtic people. During the event, the old town lighting system will be off; more will be going on in the park by the church close to the se-aside, in a romantic, mystical atmosphere. Various workshops will take place, stars will be watched with a telescope, under the guidance of professional astronomers, and different stands will offer hand made souvenirs, jewellery, traditional food and music entertainment.

The whole event is accompanied by different types of music, starting from ambient, new age and classical music, live music or DJ sets. On both the evenings, interesting space and stellar photo projections will be presented along the bell tower.