11th Olive oil festival


  • Barban


  • 23.11.19



About the event:

A picturesque place on the southeastern Istrian hills situated on the road between Pula and Labin, which was built in the Middle Ages. Barban is full of cultural attractions as well as of an intangible cultural heritage within which the most famous is the knight's game, Trka na prstenac (an equestrian competition in which various horsemen riding at full gallop aim their lances at a hanging metal ring). Besides its rich history, this area conceals a number of other curiosities.

Olive oil, the alpha and omega of Mediterranean cuisine, got its own festival in Barban in 2009.
Olive growers exclusively from the area of Barban take part in this event and besides the tasting of extra virgin olive oils, workshops on the theme of olive growing are also organised.

The November Festival in Barban is worth a visit not only for the exhibition of souvenirs and the interesting usable items made of olive wood, but also for the works of artists who find the olive an endless source of inspiration.