Malin Fest - Windmill Festival


  • Riva, kod vjetrenjače / Medulin


  • 05.08. - 19.08.19


  • 19:00


  • Općina Medulin & Istra Inspirit


About the event:

Performances on Mondays

Why did the Pošić brothers choose Medulin as a place for building windmills?
You will find out through stories about Malin na vitar (Windmill), every Monday in the evening at his newly renovated square. Get to know the tradition and customs of the Medulin port through the entertaining and interactive content of the festival.

• Visit of the windmill and demonstration of the processing of various cereals
• Workshop for kids by 'Medulin Art'
• Presentation of traditional Istrian instruments by 'DKUS Mendula'
• Catching fish by batana presentation and workshop of studying marine organisms by the fishermen Neven Iveša and Marin Kuzmanić
• Nonverbal interactive puppet show - traditional games, animation and workshop for the kids inspired by Medulin and windmill by Istra Inspirit
• Photo point with puppets from the show
• Dance program by 'Plesni studio Pirueta Medulin'
• DJ party and entertainment program