Asparagus Festival


  • Park novigradske biskupije / Novigrad-Cittanova


  • 27.04.19


  • 17:00



About the event:

Gastronomic event dedicated to asparagus

The Asparagus Festival is the first in a series of gourmet events, part of this year’s Novigrad Gourmet Festival beginning in late April and running through to October. Each of these events focuses on one aspect of the local cuisine – the first event is dedicated to the wild asparagus.

Novigrad’s Asparagus Festival is a one-day event that will be staged this year on the 29th of April in the great setting of Novigrad's Diocesan Park, located in the historical town core at the feet of the city’s bell tower and under its centuries-old pine trees, just a few steps from the sea. The event offers a real treat for the palate and all the other senses. You’ll have an opportunity to sample some tasty and imaginative meals featuring wild asparagus prepared for you for this occasion only by our experienced chefs – and you'll also have an opportunity to try them with some of the top wines produced by local winemakers.

A small fair accompanying the event will offer agricultural and other products produced locally by diligent hands – with, of course, a little help from Mother Nature. You'll have an opportunity to sample – and to buy at promotional prices – excellent extra virgin olive oils, cheeses and other dairy products, prosciutto and other cured meat products, homemade noodles, tasty sweets, natural cosmetics and much, much more.

There will also be an exhibition of handmade original local souvenirs and other handicrafts available for purchase and a music and animation programme with a nice, unobtrusive musical backdrop to the whole event of traditional music and dance.

The weekend of the Asparagus Festival will also provide an opportunity to sample tasty meals featuring wild asparagus at restaurants, local konoba and other food vendors in and around Novigrad. As festival partners they will offer menus based on asparagus. While the event at Novigrad's Diocesan Park will offer an opportunity to sample asparagus in some diverse and very special culinary arrangements, our gourmet partners will offer many traditional meals based on this excellent ingredient at their food venues, such as the essential scrambled eggs with asparagus, tasty risottos that will often also feature some fresh seafood or a refreshing cream of asparagus soup. All you need to do is chose and enjoy!