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  • Umag-Umago, Novigrad-Cittanova, Buje-Buie, Brtonigla-Verteneglio


  • 13.04. - 13.05.18



About the event:

Thematic spa programs

A wide range of wellness programmes for your spring detox!

You're invited to northwestern Istria for Istria Detox Days from 13 April to 13 May, because spring is the right time to purify your body. Enjoy our rich selection of wellness menus at promotional prices, spoil yourself with irresistible spa treatments and energising beverages, and take advantage of discounted accommodation.

Our professional staff will give you advice to help you get serious results, and if you want to improve these results with nutritious food, visit one of the numerous local restaurants - Istria’s most popular natural detox ingredient, wild asparagus, is on the menu in springtime.

After a long and hard winter, spring is when your body reawakens. Take advantage of this time of year to supply your body with vitamins and minerals and to clear it of toxins.

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