South on Two Wheels


  • Waterfront, car park in front of the Badel building / Fažana-Fasana


  • 27.04.19



About the event:

Recreational cycling ride

The South Istria tourist boards (Pula, Vodnjan, Medulin, Fažana, Ližnjan, Marčana and Barban) are organising 6 cycling tours with the aim of popularising cycling and presenting bike trails in the south of Istria.

The tours are suitable for participants of all ages. We invite entire families to join us. Individual routes are between 10 and 30 km long and are not technically demanding.

Participation in cycling tours is free of charge.
Upon the registration for the firs tour, each partecipant will receive a card that will be stamped on each tour which he or she participates.
Those cyclists who take part in 4 or more tours will enter a raffle at the final event where they can win valuable prizes.
In addition, all cyclists who participate in 4 or more tours will recive an official T-shirt of the event.
After each cycling tour, there will be a get-toghether and refreshment for all participants.

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