Plava Laguna triathlon 5150 Poreč


  • Poreč-Parenzo


  • 05.05.19


  • Plava Laguna
  • R. Končara 12, 52440 Poreč


About the event:

Olympic triathlon race

On 5 May this year, Poreč will host a spectacular event - the largest Olympic triathlon in Croatia - the 5150 triathlon.

Triathletes, don't miss the race in Poreč this year! The Plava Laguna 5150 Triathlon Poreč, Croatia is the perfect choice to open the season for competitors looking to set a personal best. The course is flat, accessible and beautiful, perfect for athletes at any level of fitness and experience.

You will swim in the crystal-clear Adriatic, in a protected bay, and run and cycle through gentle Mediterranean landscapes.

The start and finish line and all other events related to the race are within the Zelena Resort complex, where you will also find the official hotel of the event - the Molindrio Plava Laguna Hotel. In addition to world-class accommodation, you will also have access to all the additional amenities you may need at the resort.

If you need additional motivation to sign up, participants will be able to qualify for the Ironman Austria - Kärnten Klagenfurt race.
Sign up and discover Istria and Poreč, a breathtakingly beautiful tourist destination rich in history and one of the most popular in Croatia. For adventurous travellers looking to stay in the open air, this part of Istria is an ideal destination, offering a beautiful coast and sea just a few minutes from its fascinating interior with a wealth of places to run, swim, hike and cycle.

On 6 August 2019, the exciting Iron Girl and IronKids races will also be held in Poreč, the first intended exclusively for women, and the second for kids.


The swim stage is 1500 m long (1 circle)
Route length: 40 km (two circles of 20 km)
Altitude difference: 450 m
Track length: 10 kilometers  

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