Anchovy Festival

The local fishermen are the keepers of the local traditional way of salting anchovy. To honour that bluefish, Vabriga organizes a big feast with experienced fishermen connoisseurs, who devoted their whole lives to sea. In Vabriga fish was salted in two specific ways: in souse and with common salting.

The sause is the way that requires water and coarse sea salt. Anchovies are placed in wooden round dishes, the sause is poured over and all is covered with a heavy cover. Fish mustn't be left without water, so it needs to be added subsequently. The other way of salting is with the common salt, where the array of anchovies is placed closely and lavishly sprinkled with salt. The procedure is repeated until the top of the dish is reached, and every subsequent array is placed in the opposite direction.

The fish is salted, i.e. saused in May and should be left to stand still for 30 to 90 days, so the Vabriga Festival is the ideal place where you can try the ready-made anchovy in typical Istrian surroundings.