Pet angošt


  • (Šumber) Sveta Nedelja


  • 05.08.20



About the event:

In Šumber a traditional catholic feast is being celebrated, called "Pet Angošt". The ceremony, enriched with a gastronomic offer, starts in the morning hours with the ceremonial Holy mass at 11 AM with a procession in the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Dren, led by Bishop Ivan Milovan, while at the same location in the evening at 6 PM a silent mass will be held.

The Feast of the Lady of Dren has been celebrated for centuries in this area of Šumber. Nearly thousand people gather every year on 5 August (literal meaning of "Pet angošt") around the church for the celebration of Holy mass, remembering the year of 1430, when the lady shepherd had the vision of Madonna between the branches of cornel tree. Subsequently the church was built 10 years later near this tree. This holiday coincides with the miracle in Rome when the snow fell on August 5th, so both events are celebrated at the same time under the title of the Snow Madonna.

Entertainment program and gastronomic offer start at Balarini at 8.00 PM.