Kids' Day


  • Old town / Novigrad-Cittanova


  • 26.07.20



About the event:

Street art performances

During Kids’ Day, the streets, squares and parks of the old town in Novigrad are filled with magical moments and unique atmosphere. The event is intended primarily for kids but also for all of you who never really grew up ...

The old town's appealing spots will host top street artists from all over the world – jugglers, performers, stilt walkers, street theatre actors, clowns and other street wizards whose circus and other skills, sense of humour and intimacy as one of their characteristic traits, will fascinate and mesmerise both children and adults.

A simple walk through the old town will become a special experience thanks to the amazing street wizards that will rule over Novigrad - something new, different and unique will be waiting for you on each corner.

Don't be surprised if they pull a random spectator or passer-by like you into a well-thought, yet very spontaneous and entertaining performance lifting everybody's spirits.

All performances are free of charge and intended for the largest audience: from the youngest to the oldest, from local to foreign visitors... because street art knows no boundaries.

Take a small step, join us in these special nights and dive into the world of magic and fantasy...