MTB Radini » cancelled


  • Radini (Brtonigla-Verteneglio)


  • 19.07.20


  • MBK Bujština

About the event:

20th summer bicycle ride..

The route winds through the surroundings of Brtonigla and the coastal part of Northwest Istria; it is around 25 kilometres long and conceived so as to acquaint the participants with all the variety of the local area - from the hinterland hamlets to the Adriatic coast and its tourist attractions.

Starting in Radini, the trail leads east through the villages of Lukoni, Buroli and Karšete to the small town of Brtonigla, the centre of the region. The next larger settlement is Nova Vas, at which the route turns west - through the villages of Pavići, Turini, Marinčići and Fiorini all the way to the sea, that is the village of Karigador and the renowned camp CamingIN Park Umag, followed by the ride to yet another coastal town, Lovrečica, and return to Radini.

The Radini bicycle ride is primarily intended for adults and takes some two and a half hours to complete. A lottery with a rich fund of awards is in plan, with the youngest and the oldest participants getting special recognitions. Participation is at your own risk.