Brtonigla Adventure Trekk


  • Brtonigla-Verteneglio


  • 15.02.20



About the event:

Trekking race

Winter signs have already knocked at our doors. When most of the continents are trapped in the ice and snow, we invite you to the Choco & wine Fest and the Brtonigla Adventure Trekk in the picturesque Istrian town Brtonigla!

Discover Istrian hidden treasures of untouched nature, enjoy the landscape around the river Mirna, run through the woods, rich vineyard and olive grove, walk up the hills and meet small medieval towns which offer unforgettable views from mountain Učka to the Adriatic Sea!

Trekking race is a trail run race with elements of orientation. It is very popular in Croatia and Slovenia. The configuration of terrain is as same as for the trail run race, except for the lane that is not market. There are only control points marked on the map. A competitor receives a map with control points and chooses by himself the fastest way to reach them. In principle, orientation is very simple.