Carnival in Labin


  • Labin


  • 06.01. - 01.03.20



About the event:

Taking over the keys of Labin and children's costume parade, masquerade ball & burning of the carnival mascot

Traditionally, on Antonja, i.e. St. Anton’s Day on January 17 begins the craziest season - the carnival season. The fifth season, as it is called, is a tradition of Istrian, Kvarner and Primorje regions.

The tradition of carnival (called poklade or mesopust in the local dialects) in Labin is preserved by the carnival association Labinjonska kompanija - domoća folšarija that will take over Labin town keys and introduce its government.

Along with the main carnival parade in Labin for adults and children, as well as numerous village carnival fests across the Labin area, the carnival rule lasts until February 25, when the doll Pust is traditionally burned, found guilty for all the bad things in the past period and announcing the arrival of spring.