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  • 29.02.20



About the event:

Trekking race

The trekking event IstraTrek has been organized since 2006 every year at a different location with the intention to show participants parts of Istria and interesting terrains they have never seen before. They will see steep hills, muddy valleys, impervious forests, medieval towns - everything that creates an amazing trekking experience.

Trekking implies finding control points with the help of maps and compasses but without any markings on the trail. That is the reason the participants really cannot know directions they are taking and distances between them in advance. They basically choose their own way.

However, the event is consisted of three different categories appropriate for everyone - from recreationists to professionals.

Ultra: elite discipline, long, difficult and challenging. Istria does not forgive shortenings through underbrush. That is why this race is recommended to those who fight for glory.

Challenger: classical trekking discipline, 20 - 25 kilometres of length, standard orienteering difficulty with at least 1.000 m altitude of height. Bramble in abundance...

Light: short, nice trekking for the beginners, 10 - 15 kilometres of length, easy orienteering that is recommendable to all recreational runners, tourists, trekking fans, and nature lovers.

Registrations and information about the race are published on the website