Bobolo fest - Snail days


  • Livade (Oprtalj-Portole)


  • 12.06. - 14.06.20



About the event:

Gastronomic event

Restaurants in the area have successfully presented the rich Istrian gastronomy for many years, attracting visitors to the Municipality of Oprtalj.
But concentrating on truffles, homemade pasta, prosciutto, and more recently boskarin, they have forgotten that part of the traditional cuisine of the southern part of the municipality are snails - boboli.

Bobolo fest is the name of a new gastronomic event that enhances and promotes this mollusc, still unknown delicacy, during which restaurants in the areas of Livade, Gradinje and Istarske Toplice offer snail-based menus at promotional prices, paired with excellent wines and renowned olive oils from local producers.