• Kanfanar


  • 24.07.21



About the event:

Folk festival and Istrian cattle fair

Today a folk festivity, once a fair on St. Jacob's Day, Jakovlja truly has a long tradition. With the aim of preserving Istrian folk heritage, the local fair ground in Kanfanar becomes the venue for the traditional fair of Istrian oxen that takes place on Jakovlja.

Today, the Kanfanar ox show is attended by proud boscarino owners with sometimes weighing over a ton. After the opening ceremony, the parade goes to the public scale where the heaviest boscarinos are selected, followed by a spectacle of the old fashioned ploughing procedure with oxen. Visitors are welcomed to try this interesting skill.

After proclaiming the heaviest, the most obedient and the most good-looking of Istrian oxen, there is a night-long celebration with a rich art, cultural and entertainment programme.