Truffle Days in Buzet

Hotel Fontana
Menu I: Cheese with truffles and Istrian sausages platter * Homemade cheese stuffed ravioli with prosciutto and truffle sauce * Chocolate truffle with honey and truffles (Price: 160 HRK)

Menu II: Truffle bruschetta * Creamy green soup with truffles * Homemade pasta * Stuffed chicken breasts with truffles * Istrian curd with forest fruit (Price: 190 HRK)

Menu I: Cheese with truffles * Beefsteak with truffles * Mixed salad (Price: 235 HRK)

Menu II: Truffles omelette * Fuži (handmade traditional Istrian pasta) * Mixed salad * Panna cotta with truffles and honey (Price: 250 HRK)

Konoba Santa Terra
Menu I: Fried eggs on a bed of arugula with white truffle* Istrian pasta with mushroom (porcini/cepe) and white truffle sauce * Cake - daily offer (Price: 250 HRK)

Menu II: Cream oup made from mushrooms (porcini/Cepe) and white truffle sauce * Pork Tenderloin in demiglas sauce of Teran - Istrian red wine with white truffles on mashed carrot Pure * Cake - daily offer (Price: 330 HRK)

Vela Vrata Boutique Hotel
Menu I: Truffle plate (sausages and cheese with truffles) * Homemade pasta with fresh white truffles* Panna cotta with truffle (Price: 265 HRK)

Menu II: Cream pumpkin soup with fresh white truffle * Beef steak tagliata with fresh white truffle * Ravioli filled with white chocolate and fresh white truffle (Price: 265 HRK)

Konoba Most
Menu I: Cheese with truffles and sheep's cheese on arugula * Fuži with truffles * Chocolate soufflé with ice cream (Price: 190 HRK)

Menu II: Scrambled eggs with truffles * Pork loin with truffles and pljukanci * Chocolate soufflé with ice cream (Price: 230 HRK)

Restoran Old River
Menu I: Cream soup with celery and truffles * Fuži with Istrian truffles * Panna cotta with truffle and honey (Price: 220 HRK)

Menu II: Truffle Bruschetta * Tagliata with truffles and white polenta * Chocolate soufflé with¸ olive oil and truffles (Price: 260 HRK)

Humska konoba
Menu I: Sheep cheese * Cheese with truffles * Ombolo with truffles * Side dish nedeva with truffles * Kroštoli (Price: 160 HRK)

Menu II: Istrian prosciutto * Sheep cheese * Cheese with truffles * Fuži with truffles * Kroštole (Price: 140 HRK)

Ročka konoba
Menu: Pulled pork & truffle burger * Curd with honey and walnuts * Babau beer by Bruman (craft dark beer from Buzet) (Price: 140 HRK)

About the event:

Try delicious dishes prepared with love in the city of truffles


  • Buzet


  • 10.11. - 30.11.21