Exhibition: Remember the way

On December 3rd, the Pula International Photo Exhibition will be held in Pula, Croatia, co-hosted by Art & Culture Korea and ACC from December 3rd to 31st.
Under the theme of "Remember The Way," 39 photographers from 10 countries will be displayed with question marks on the task of the future to move forward after experiencing a conflict between society and the artist through COVID-19.

S.Korea Han, Sangphyo: A mooring post is a self portrait of people of this era. It represent our life’s burdens, and is also a implicated form of our everyday life. The way it firmly holds the fort and takes responsibility makes as reflect on our lives.
(A mooring post is a post that holds a ship’s rope on a harbor.)

S.Korea Choi, Sinman: Conflicts for choice every day creates decisions.
It was expressed in the world through a cross where light and darkness intersect every day.

S.Korea Kim, KyoungSoo: He wanted to escape the complex reality. His avatar he made can travel freely to another world by taking
a dimensional teleporter called a camera. All his work is working in a unique way to create a photo image by composing a stage
in the darkroom and light painting with four small lights. And he was able to create a virtual image that he wanted through multiple
exposures without using digital work.

S.Korea Park Young-sam: He expresses the image of people freely looking at flowers across time with pictures of daily stops and
upsets through layer work.

S.Korea Yoon, Sangmin: He begins by omitting detailed factual expressions. Subtracting is another addition and omitting is another creation.
From the omitted appearance, the boundaries become ambiguous and the appearance becomes unclear, but it is created in a different appearance
with a deep meaning added. He expressed love, patience, peace, and dreams in the abstracted unknown.

Italy Roberto Festarino: He has been taking pictures for the purpose of recognizing and enhancing the Earth's environmental problems and
has also been displayed at the largest science and technology festival in Edinburgh.

Greece Yiannis Kaltseras He metaphorically expressed the unpredictable future of the faint forms seen in the fog in a world where darkness and hope coexist.

China Han Being The artist shows that humans and nature were one, not two, through continuous Wear Project performances.

Cho, Mijin: Korean Traditional Embroidery master, introduces traditional Korean embroidery and shows traditional embroidery works made of her philosophy.

Hasan Abdelghani, who runs the gallery Makina, is a photographer.
He said, "I'm very happy to be able to invite impressive photos, and I'm looking forward to introducing good Korean photos to visitors to Pula.

Kwak Poung-young, chairman of Art & Culture Korea, believes that the exhibition, which was invited by Pula after holding an international photo exhibition
in Motovun, Croatia, following Rome in 2021, is more meaningful in ending this year. Finally, we will continue to introduce Korean artists overseas and communicate
with artists from each country.“

Participating Photographers
S.Korea Photo Artists  Ahn Seongho. Back, Misuk. Bang, Chummea. Choi, Okhee. Choi, Sin-man. Choo, Yeona. Jeong, Gicheol. Han, Sanghyo. Hwang, Yunhee.
Ka, Okkwan. Kim, Dohyeong. Kang, Eunhee. Kim, Eunsoo. Kim, Jeongsan. Kim, Kunhee. Kim, Kyoungso. Kim, Okja. Kim, Seung. Kim, Younghwa. Kwak, Poungyoung  Eunkyong. Kwon, Youngman. Lee, Kyunghwa. Moon, Sunhee. Park, Sungmin. Park, Youngsam. Yang, C young. Yoon, Sangmin 

Other Country Photo Artists  Carlo Ferrara ( ITALY )  Han Being ( CHINA ) Hara Sklika ( Greece )  Jacky Martin ( France ) Roberto Pestarino ( ITALY ) Romain Nero ( Luxembourg ) Saeed Arbzadeh ( IRAN ) Michell Kwon ( USA )  Sandra Garip ( Republica Dominicana ) Yiannis Kaltseras ( Greece ) Special Exhibition Korean Traditional Embroidery master: Cho, Mijin 


  • Galerija Makina / Pula-Pola


  • 03.12. - 31.12.21


  • Art & Culture Korea i ACC u suradnji s Gradom Pula i Galerijom Makina
  • Kapitolinski trg 1, Pula